The psychology major at Houghton College – available fully online or on campus – prepares you for a career in human services or for graduate study in psychological research, clinical or counseling psychology and more.

Psychologists study normal and abnormal behavior, structured and erratic thinking, and stable and troubled emotion. A degree in psychology will enable you to understand why we think, feel and act as we do. Psychology majors gain perspective on their own experiences, develop sympathetic understanding of others and learn ways to help people in need.

Houghton’s psychology program places a strong emphasis on research with primary sources, designing and conducting experiments, writing, and developing analytical skills. Psychology majors read widely, investigate problems scientifically, and think carefully and deeply. They wrestle with the ways in which the Christian faith frames and informs their studies and their understanding, and they share the knowledge they gain with others through writing, public presentation and professional service. The majority of our students include a psychology internship as part of the major.

Since so many careers in psychology require graduate training, coursework in the psychology major prepares all students for further study at the graduate level. Even without graduate training, knowledge of psychological functioning of individuals and groups is a valuable asset in professions such as medicine, law, business, education, therapeutic recreation and ministry.

Choose from seven different tracks of study

  • General Psychology
  • Clinical/Counseling Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Neuroscience
  • Restorative Justice
  • Diversity Science

Why Major in Psychology?

  • Gain hands-on field experience with one of our many internship opportunities.
  • Deeply integrate rigorous academic study with your Christian faith.
  • Further explore your interests with undergraduate research.
  • Join other Psychology majors on campus in psychology-related clubs and honor society.
  • Receive excellent preparation for further study at the graduate level.

Major Requirements

Psychology and Faith

A distinctive feature of the psychology major at Houghton is the integration of academic study and the Christian faith. We seek to understand psychological and sociological principles from the perspective of Christian faith and to see how psychology and sociology can illuminate and strengthen our faith. Such integrative learning occurs in our classes, our research and our service.

Undergraduate Research

An honors research focus may be combined with any track to offer extra challenge for highly motivated students. It requires an honors-enhanced class in each of the three tracks, two semesters of collaborative research and a senior honors project.

Psychology on Campus

Psychology majors can enhance their learning outside of the classroom by joining the Psychology Club. This extra-curricular organization seeks to encourage students to integrate psychology and the Christian faith, provide learning experiences that will be educationally illuminating, and help prepare students for a future in psychology. They also have the opportunity to be inducted into Psi Chi, the National Honor Society in Psychology. Membership provides students with learning experiences, work opportunities and summer opportunities in the field of psychology and encourages students to view psychology from a Christian perspective.

Grace MacKay

Featured Testimonial

The education I received at Houghton helped me prepare to enter into the field of psychology with a strong understanding of how God plays a role in the field. The professors incorporated God into all of the academic topics and allowed me to grow academically and spiritually. I learned to view topics like statistics, philosophy, and writing as tools that God uses to reveal Himself to us.

Grace MacKay ’17 Ph.D. student at University of South Florida in Tampa in cognitive, neuroscience, and social psychology program, studying visual cognition


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