Athletic Administration and Sports Management minor

The athletic administration and sports management program equips students for organizational planning, decision-making and execution within the growing sporting world. This minor readies students for professional leadership roles within the sports industry including collegiate and high school athletics, event and facilities management, sports marketing, media and public relations, recreation programming, product management, and/or emergent technologies.

Required Courses Credits
PHED 314 – Organization and Management of PE and Athletics 2
PHED 306 – Principles of Coaching and Sports Management 2
PHED 315 – Psychosocial Aspects of PE and Sport (F, odd) 2
PHED 313 – Sports Marketing and Communication (S, even) 2
Electives – Choose one of the following:
BADM 213 – Business Law 3
BADM 320 – Leadership Development 3
Total 14