Sports Ministry Minor

The sports ministry minor equips students with hands-on learning opportunities and a theological foundation for the practice of sports ministry within a variety of settings, from cross-cultural missions and church plants, to recreation/adventure sports, fitness/exercise programs, and coaching or camping.

This minor also prepares for parachurch sports ministries, such as Athletes in Action, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Missionary Athletes International, Sports Friends, Surge International, Ignite International, Push the Rock, Climbing for Christ, and Score International.

Required Courses Credits
CRFM 325 – Bible Study and Teaching Methods 2
PHED/CRFM 227 – Sports Ministry: The Integration of Faith and Sport 3
PHED/CRFM 275 – Methods of Administration of Sports Ministry 3
Select one course from the following: 4
CRFM 341/342 – Theological Explorations in Youth Cultures and Ministry I and II 2, 2
THEL 313 – Systematic Theology 4
* Select at least one course from the following: 3-4
INCL XXX – Intercultural course recommended by department 1-4
MISS 242 – Missions and the Global Church 4
PHED 305 – Sports Ministry Field Practicum** 2
PHED 306 – Principles of Coaching and Sport Management 4
REC 227 – Outdoor Leadership Training 3
REC 240 – Administration of Organized Camps 2
REC 241 – Recreation and Tourism 2
CRFM 341/342 or THEL 313 (whichever was not used in previous category) 4
* For other options, see the director of this program.
** With approval, the practicum can be fulfilled through one of the following, provided the course has a sufficient sports ministry component:
CRFM 442 – Internship in Christian Formation 4
MISS 311 – Cross Cultural Field Experience 3-4
INCL 311 – Intercultural Experience 0-4
Total 16