Houghton’s Opportunities

Houghton East Africa

An intensive, 12-week semester offering the unique opportunity to experience life as most Africans themselves experience it, to be exposed to Africa on a broad front including history, anthropology, environment, languages-Swahili, politics and religion. Students will see needs and evaluate them in the light of their Christian beliefs. Extended trips away from campus site include nearby game reserves and Wahehe and Maasai tribal villages.

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London Honors

Immerse yourself in one of the world’s great capitals with Houghton’s honors semester in London. Spend the spring semester of your first year abroad with experienced faculty and a group of thoughtful and motivated friends: reading great texts from Martin Luther to contemporary philosophy and social theory, studying art and architecture from Da Vinci to the latest conceptual art, and interacting with a city that draws from every corner of the globe.

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Highlander Wilderness Adventure

Looking for a way to jumpstart your Houghton College experience? The Highlander Wilderness Adventure program is intended to be a catalyst for the Highlander process – a process of growth, challenge, and discipleship which finds its beginning long before the program itself and is expected to continue for a lifetime.

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MayTerm travel courses offer Houghton students a unique opportunity to enrich their education through onsite experiential learning.  Whether traveling within the U.S. or Internationally, course content is integrated into the local setting.  This intensive 2-4 week educational experience allows students and faculty to engage in ways that are not possible on campus including with a host culture or context.

Common Mayterm options: Adventure Sports (various locations), Art and Architecture in Europe, Aspects of Costa Rica, Development Research in Sierra Leone, Ecology of Alaska, Houghton in NYC: Art and Business, Ornithology (various locations).