For those who go, the world changes before their eyes.

Go ED  is not a field trip – and it’s not just another class. Go ED is a life-changing experience that will forever alter how you view the world and your place in it. It will enliven your heart, mind, and imagination as you contemplate the complexity and beauty of other cultures.

Semester Abroad Studies in Africa

You will ask questions you have never asked. You will consider ministry in a whole new light. God will use this experience to transform your spiritual understanding of His work and His glory.

Course Descriptions

  • INCL 340 – African Traditional Culture and Religion
    This course deals with an overview of African traditional religion and the challenges ATR poses to Christians in Africa. (3 credits)

  • INCL 254 – African Cultural Arts
    This course explores the African arts as both cultural expression and cultural epistemology (a way of engaging and knowing the world that differs from Western empiricism and consumerism). It provides hands-on experience of the ways in which the arts can serve as agent of cultural preservation as well as cultural transformation. Culture: Art. Liberal Arts.

  • INCL 311 or 319 – Practicum (4 weeks)Hands-on data collection and/or field experience with a variety of organizations.  Available in  Rwanda, and Uganda. (3 credits)
  • INCL 345 – Issues of Peacebuilding
    You will study the ethnic conflicts of Rwanda as a means of learning issues in healing trauma, building peace, and establishing reconciliation. (3 credits)

  • INCL 381 – Social Context for Community Development
    This course is an introduction to development and development theory.  Students will be exposed to a variety of strategies designed to involve members of the community in the process of development.  Strategies for funding community development. (3 credits)

See the Go-Ed website for a current calendar of the semester.


Houghton College has an articulation agreement with Go-Ed that grants Houghton College credit for course work done on the Go-Ed program.  Credit is also available through other US colleges and universities as well as Uganda Christian University.

Semester Costs

The cost to Houghton students and those attending through Houghton is Houghton’s standard tuition plus a fee that covers room, board, and international airfare (from a US gateway city to the Go-Ed site in Kigali, Rwanda and back). Additional Costs

  • Students are responsible for all personal expenses, including travel to/from the gateway city (for orientation), passport and visa fees, immunizations and activity spending money.
  • $300 deposit – due from the student once accepted by Go-Ed. The $300 will be put towards the cost of tuition.
  • Non-Houghton students attending through Houghton are responsible to check with their school about financial aid and billing.

For more details, visit the Go ED. website or contact the Houghton College Off-Campus Studies Office.

Space is limited; early application is encouraged.