For those who go, the world changes before their eyes.

Go Ed Mekong is not a field trip – and it’s not just another class. Go ED is a life-changing experience that will forever alter how you view the world and your place in it.

It will enliven your heart, mind, and imagination as you contemplate the complexity and beauty of other cultures.

Semester Abroad Studies in Thailand

You will ask questions you have never asked. You will consider ministry in a whole new light. God will use this experience to transform your spiritual understanding of His work and His glory.

Course Descriptions

  • Weeks 1-5: Thailand
    • INCL 314 – Exclusion & Exploitation: Marginal People of the Mekong
      This course examines the exclusion and exploitation of people in the Greater Mekong Subregion. (3 credits)
    • INCL 256 – History, Religion and Society in the Mekong Region
      This course provides an introduction to the historical and social context of the Mekong Subregion of South East Asia and explores the dynamics between religious, political, and other social foundations and contemporary forces of change.  The course includes excursions to nearby sites to ground knowledge of Mekong with an experiential sense of place and perspective. (3 credits)
  • Weeks 6-9: Practicum Sites
    • INCL 311 – Practicum (4 weeks)
      Hands-on data collection and/or field experience at an NGO development project site. Available in various South East Asian countries. (3 credits)
  • Weeks 10-15: Thailand
    • INCL 255 – Thai Cultural Arts
      This course explores the Thai ats as both cultural expression and cultural epistemology (a way of engaging and knowing the world that differs from Western empiricism and consumerism).  Students will be introduced to a broad array of artistic expression and media in Thailand under the guidance of local experts and artists. (3 credits)
    • INCL 381 – Social Context for Community Development
      This course is an introduction to development and development theory.  Students will be exposed to a variety of strategies designed to involve members of the community in the process of development.  Strategies for funding community development. (3 credits)


Houghton College has an articulation agreement with Go-Ed that grants Houghton College credit for course work done on the Go-Ed program.  Credit is also available through other US colleges and universities and Payap University.

Program Costs

The cost to Houghton students and those attending through Houghton is Houghton’s standard tuition plus a fee that covers room, board, and international airfare (roundtrip from  a US gateway city to Chiang Mai, Thailand).

Non-Houghton students attending through Houghton are responsible to check with their school about financial aid and billing.

Additional Costs

  • Students are responsible for all personal expenses, including travel to/from the gateway city (for orientation), passport and visa fees, immunizations and activity spending money.
  • $300 deposit – due from the student once accepted by Go-Ed. The $300 will be put towards the cost of tuition.

Space is limited; early application is encouraged.

For more details, visit the Go ED. website or talk with the Houghton Off-Campus Studies Office.