Other Off-Campus Study Opportunities

For your convenience the following programs are listed alphabetically. In addition to these fine programs other options can be investigated through the Houghton Office of Off Campus Studies.

Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies

Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies provides university-level courses with transferable credits to over 50 colleges and universities, the framework and services for sustainable community-building, environmental education and restoration for school children and adults, facilities for community and environmental organizations, community and regional conferences and retreats, and outreach services.

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BCA Legacy: Amizade Study Abroad

Rooted in the values of peace and justice, BCA promotes international understanding, awareness of global citizenship, and academic scholarship through educational exchanges. BCA operates twelve international academic Study Centers in the following ten countries: Belgium, China, Ecuador, England, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Spain, and Trinidad & Tobago. **BCA is not offering semester abroad study during the 2020-2021 academic year due to Covid-19.

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Budapest Semesters in Mathematics

The Budapest Semesters in Mathematics program offers a study abroad opportunity to mathematics and computer science majors during either their junior or senior year. Using local Hungarian professors who are familiar with North American education, students are exposed to a rich mathematical tradition. Courses are small and are taught in English.

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Chez Vous

Chez Vous Summer! is a relational experience that really helps you to connect with French people, culture, history, faith, and daily life of Normandy, France.

How? The daily rhythm of Chez Vous includes either class and/or cultural activities, substantial “French Only” speaking periods (though not ALL day), along with regular “down-time” to enjoy the beach or local cafés and shops.  This environment, along with moderate limitations on home-culture contact, helps you to absorb rapidly the language and culture around you.

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Creation Care Study Program

The Creation Care Study Program is a Christian organization whose mission is to educate students to be a part of, and agents for, God’s shalom particularly through understanding and caring for Creation.  Houghton Students may participate in one of two options:

  • CCSP Belize.  As an english speaking country in Central America, Belize offers homestays, engagement with diverse cultural groups, a tropical environment, and a variety of internship opportunities while studying God’s creation from a Christian perspective.
  • CCSP New Zealand.  Through ecological field studies, homestays, and participation in a diversity of cultural activities students explore the ecological and cultural diversity of New Zealand.
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Daystar University

Daystar University, located in Nairobi, Kenya, is non-denominational and the largest Christian liberal arts college in Africa. Daystar University exists to provide low cost, high quality education for students from across Africa. Daystar’s faculty sees its primary task as training leaders of integrity and equipping them with the tools necessary to face the serious challenges of a developing continent. With more than 1,900 full-time students, Daystar University has become a shining star of hope for Africans of all backgrounds by offering fully-accredited degrees to a growing number of students. Daystar offers B.A. and M.A. programs, plus a variety of practical extension and short courses to assist those already involved in Christian ministries.

Under the auspices of the Christian College Consortium, join over 1,800 Africans from more than 25 countries who are studying at Daystar University, the only accredited evangelical Christian liberal arts college in all of Black, English-speaking Africa. At Daystar, where one of its strengths is its indigenous nature as an African university offering instruction primarily to African nationals, you will have the privilege of being immersed in African culture.

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Gordon College: Global Education

Through a special agreement Houghton students are able to participate in Gordon’s semester in Orvieto, Italy.  Houghton students need to notify Houghton’s Off-Campus Studies office before applying, but apply to these programs directly.  The OCS office can inform you of the procedures and information about financial aid.  The Orvieto program offers courses in art, history and literature.

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International Business Institute

The International Business Institute is a cooperative overseas program in international economics and business designed to give students a distinctive opportunity for study that incorporates the international dimension. An essential purpose of the program is to encourage and facilitate the integration of academic study with an international field experience. The academic work is conducted in a variety of settings from the usual classroom to corporate headquarters, manufacturing plants, governmental and international agencies.

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Leaders in Further Training LIFT

LIFT trains young leaders to become faithful ambassadors of Jesus Christ in accordance with their unique gifts and calling. It equips students to think through critical issues of life and culture from a profoundly Christian perspective. Students also learn servant-leadership through weekly service projects. Located in New York’s Adirondack mountains LIFT offers a variety of outdoor adventures, and includes a 2-week mission trip, to the Dominican Republic in the Fall and Ecuador in the Spring.

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NOLS: National Outdoor Leadership School

The National Outdoor Leadership School-NOLS, has been the leader in wilderness education since 1965. At NOLS you will learn technical outdoor skills, leadership, and environmental ethics in some of the world’s wildest and most awe-inspiring classrooms. With courses ranging from 10 days to a full academic year, we attract highly motivated students who want to learn how to lead.

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Oregon Extension

Dates: Fall Semester
Location: Ashland, Oregon
Overview: The Oregon Extension offers a fall semester of accredited college studies for the student who wants a more down to earth, honest, lively and deeply engaged learning experience in an intentional community setting – the student who does not want to say, on graduation day, “It happened so fast.  I know a lot of things, but I’m not clear on why they matter or what I can do about any of it.”  Settle into our mountain hideaway in the southern Oregon Cascades for a four-month conversation with professors and peers who love to read books, ask big questions, and confront big ideas.  Move out of the current where you can think about issues that tug at you, cultivate friendships, feel the touch of the breeze in the forest, listen to the stream in the canyon, and reach some understanding about what things mean and why they are worth caring about. Explore this unique alternative semester for Christian college students and other honest seekers.

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Semester in Spain

Semester in Spain, a program of Trinity Christian College, has offered Spanish courses in Seville since 1977. Our program combines challenging academic study (beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels) with practical opportunities for students to practice what they learn. With its location in Seville, Semester in Spain is designed to provide a rich academic and cultural experience as well as foster lasting relationships between our students and the Spanish people.

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Spanish Studies Abroad

Spanish Studies Abroad has provided a unique learning experience for students in the historic city of Seville, Spain, since 1969. They offer semester, academic-year, January term and summer programs grounded in the cultural richness of Seville, Barcelona, and Allicante Spain and Cordoba Argentina. Students choose their courses from a broad curriculum embracing a wide variety of disciplines, and receive personalized attention as they pursue their goals and move beyond the classroom into the surrounding culture.

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Université Laval

Université Laval, whose experience in teaching French goes as far back as 1937, is situated in beautiful Quebec City at the crossroads of the French-speaking Global community. It offers you the best of both worlds: European charm and North American efficiency. Its campus is home to 37,000 students, including some 2,000 Canadian and foreign students registering annually in French as a Second Language. The programs, designed to meet students’ specific needs, include year-round, spring, fall and two summer sessions. Highly qualified teachers provide instruction for students at all levels, from beginner to superior. The programs bring together a diverse clientele – undergraduate and graduate students, historians, diplomats, writers, missionaries, and of course French teachers.

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