Summer 2020 Online Opportunities at Houghton

April 15, 2020

Houghton has a robust set of Summer Online offerings available to both existing Houghton students and those who want to get in some extra learning this summer. These are 8-week courses that are available

  • to audit for the flat rate of $150 per class,
  • for visiting students at the summer rate of $250 per credit hour, and
  • for high school students at the rate of $180 per credit hour.

Summer I courses (May 6-June 28)

Here are some of the featured courses in the first summer module along with some of the programs they are part of:

  • ART 283 Introduction to Digital Photography – This course is part of a new five-ecourse minor in Art Business taught by Casey McGaffick.
  • BADM 202 Accounting and Finance Principles – This is a core course for all of Houghton’s Business majors. It is also one of five courses for the minor in Business Administration and a prerequisite for our MBA program.
  • BIBL 101 Biblical Literature – This is a survey of the whole Bible. What better way to pass this time while we are staying at home? If enough people sign up to audit, we will open another section! This one has a live session on Tuesday nights.
  • BIBL 275 Women in the Bible – Here is a course exploring the role that women play in Scripture, taught by Kristina LaCelle-Peterson of the Theology department.
  • MBCM 206 Introduction to Music Business – Music Industry is an exciting major for those who might want to break into the music business. Here’s the place to start.
  • MHS 222 Introduction to Film Music – Taught by David Clem. The next three courses might fulfill an art/music requirement at another college.
  • MHS 254 Music: World Cultures – Taught by Armenio Suzano.
  • MLT 211 Music and Listening – Taught by Armenio Suzano.
  • POLS 205 In Search of Justice – Take the four POLS courses this summer, and Houghton will issue you a minor in Political Science. This one is philosophical.
  • POLS 260 Introduction to Political Thought – Another course in the Political Science minor. Taught by Peter Meilaender.
  • PSY 111 Introduction to Psychology – Most colleges require you to take a course like this one. Transfer it back to your college. Taught by Änna Pettway.
  • PSY 309 Statistics – This course is spread out over the whole summer to space out the learning so it can sink in. Taught by Alison Young Reusser.

Summer II courses (June 29-August 23)

The second half of the summer features a different set of courses:

  • ART 479 Professional Practices in Photography – Another course that is part of the Art Business minor. Taught by Casey McGaffick.
  • BADM 218 Marketing Principles – A core requirement for all Business majors and the Business Administration minor and a prerequisite for the MBA program. Taughtby Dan Minchen.
  • COMM 215 Interpersonal Communication – A lot of colleges require a communications course. Here is a way to knock it out. Taught by Denise Richard.
  • ECON 201 Introduction to Economics – Also meets a core requirement for all Business majors, is part of the Business Administration minor, and is a prerequisite for the MBA program. Taught by Eddie Wilson.
  • LATN 101 Beginning Latin I – Latin with unfold the meaning behind things you never knew had a meaning behind them. Taught by Ken Schenck.
  • MBCM 415 Web-Based Tools: Music Industry – Another course toward a major in Music Industry.
  • MHS 223 History of Rock & Roll and Commercial Music in the US – A fun topic for late summer! Taught by David Clem.
  • POLS 220 American Political System – The courses of the Political Science minor continue in Module II. Taught by Peter Meilaender.
  • POLS 230 International Relations – This course completes the four courses in the Political Science minor.
  • PSY 218 Social Psychology – This course fulfills a requirement toward a Psychology major. Taught by Cynthia Symons.
  • SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology – Another course that usually fills a social science requirement at any college.
  • THEL 221 History of Christianity I – Do you want to cover the broad sweep of church history in eight weeks? Here is an option. Has a live session on Tuesday nights. Taught by Kristina LaCelle-Peterson.

Signing Up

If any of these courses have piqued your interest, you can fill out a special student form here. If you need help, feel free to contact andrew.oden@houghton.edu. If you are interested in pursuing a degree from Houghton College, contact michael.sievers@houghton.edu.

Online options at Houghton are set to grow significantly as we move forward. Stay tuned for more options in the fall!