0 Ryann Cooley Exhibit Featured in Houghton, Fillmore

Ryann Cooley Exhibit Featured in Houghton, Fillmore

February 7, 2018

Ryann Cooley, associate professor of digital media and photography at Houghton University, was recently featured in the “Artists Among Us” series at the college’s Wesley Chapel Art Gallery.

The series, which seeks to introduce artists to the community and surrounding areas, travelled throughout Western New York over the past year. Cooley’s solo exhibit went to several locations, including Wellsville, Belmont, and Cuba, with Houghton as its final stop. By special request, Cooley’s exhibit will be installed at the Wide Awake Club Library in Fillmore, NY during February, open Monday-Saturday starting at 9 a.m.

Cooley has taught at Houghton since 2013, covering a wide range of photography topics, including travel and documentary photography in Europe. He captured many such images during Houghton’s three-week, art-focused study abroad opportunity. This biannual course occurs in May, and includes visits to a variety of European locations, including London, Paris, and Germany. This year’s trip will expand that reach to include Italy and Greece.

It was the 2014 Mayterm trip that inspired Cooley’s exhibit. The images were taken in London and Paris, some featuring stationary objects such as statues and buildings, and others focusing on birds in flight. Images of both stillness and movement in the exhibit remind the audience that “time is fleeting,” Cooley says. “They are mere moments that have already passed, yet – in actuality – all of these images live in the past.”

His work will also be featured at the Jamestown Community College Center Gallery in Olean, NY, this April.

To view more of Cooley’s work, visit his websites at http://cooleystudio.com/ and http://ryanncooley.com.