2020- 2021 Academic Year

Houghton College is working hard to create as safe of an environment as possible for students in the fall.  Despite a substantial increase in expenses, we will not be implementing additional health, technology or Covid-19 fees as many institutions are doing.

As has been previously communicated, we have made adjustments to the Academic calendar for the fall.  We recognize that this means fewer days will be spent on campus. Additionally, the requirement to limit the number of people in the dining hall requires us to limit availability of the dining hall to certain assigned hours.  Rather than charging an additional fee, we are exchanging the room and board adjustments for increased protocols and services, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Increased investment in health center equipment, PPE, available testing, training and personnel.
  2. Investing in increased technology in classrooms to allow for remote learning either from off-campus or on-campus should it be required for isolation/quarantine purposes.
  3. Increased cleaning protocols across campus
  4. Increased hand-sanitizer and sanitizing wipes availability across campus.
  5. Making reduced occupancy in residence hall and townhouse rooms available to all students who want it without an increase in cost.
  6. Preparing certain areas as isolation and quarantine rooms according to Department of Health protocol.
  7. Rearrangement of classroom seating to allow for social distancing
  8. Rearrangement of both the physical layout and serving protocol of dining hall.


Thank you.  We look forward to welcoming you back.


Average Annual Full Time Undergraduate Tuition and Fees
Tuition $33,920
Campus Services/Student Government Association Fees $546
Room Rent $5,288
Board $4,568
Total average annual tuition, fees, room and board $44,322
Average cost of books and supplies $1,000
Average transportation costs – dependent on area of residency $1,500
2020 – 2021 Per Semester – Tuition
Tuition (flat rate: 12-18 hours per semester) $16,960
Tuition (per hour, 1-11 hours) $1,426
Tuition (per hour, for hours over 18) $784
Fee for auditing classes (if not covered under flat rate) $150
Tutorial fee (per hour; add to tuition fee) $335
Tuition (per hour Mayterm and Summer Sessions) $784
Graduate Tuition – Music (per hour) $665
Summer Online Tuition: Summer 2020 (per hour) $250

  • Full Access board plan is required for first-year students and sophomores;
  • Juniors have the option of the 14-meal plan or Full Access plan;
  • Seniors in traditional residence halls must be on the 14-meal plan or Full Access plan;
  • Seniors in the townhouses have the additional option of the 7-meal plan.
Full Access Board Plan (per semester) $2,284
14-Meal Plan or 170 Block Plan (per semester) $2,136
7-Meal Plan or 90 Block Plan (per semester) $1,201
Dorm Double $2,644
Townhouse Double $2,999
Gillette Small Double $2,286
Gillette Small Single $3,142
Dorm Large Single $3,399
Dorm triple (Including Gillette Townhouse Floor) $2,286
Gillette Quad $1,886
Dorm Double held as Single, Dorm Triple held as Double $4,115
Townhouse Double held as a Single $4,172
Townhouse Single $3,554
College Farm $2,080
Required Fees
Campus Services Fee (per semester) $221
Student Government Association Fee (per semester) $52
Orientation Fee (One-Time Fee for First Year Orientation Weekend) $114
Applied Music

  • In addition to the flat rate fee for tuition, students taking applied music are charged a special fee according to the following schedule.
Half-hour lesson (for 1-2 hours credit) $453
Hour lesson (for 3-4 hours credit) $906
Hour-and-a-half lesson (for 5-6 hours credit) $1,359
Honors at Houghton Fees
Science: fee per semester (all lab fees, Mayterm housing & meals) $770
London & EMW: fee per semester (travel expenses) $770
London Spring Semester Housing & Meals $4,928
Off Campus Studies (these fees are in addition to tuition)
East Africa Program (includes room, board, fees and airfare from a gateway airport) $6,412
Other College Fees & Expenses
Application $42
Art studio lab fee $165
Certification for Wilderness First Responder $206
EdThena Education Lab Fee $114
First-Year Student Enrollment Deposit (applied to total tuition bill; not an “extra” charge) $300
Returning Stop Out Deposit (applied to total tuition bill; not an “extra” charge) $100
Forsyth Learning Commons Fee $165
Highlander Adventure Program fee $721
Horsemanship I & II course fee $232
Horsemanship (other Horsemanship courses with labs) $469
Late Payment Registration Fee $258
PHED & REC Fees (select courses) $25-155
Pro Tools/Commercial Music Fee $165
Recital Recording Fee $47
Science Laboratory fee (per lab) $165
Sickness/Accident coverage – 12 months (unless proof of comparable coverage is provided) $TBD
Athlete Insurance Fee (required for athletes) $54
Transcript fee (each copy) $10
Returned Check Fee $52
Vehicle registration (annual) $35-275

NOTE: Prices subject to change