Types of Aid

Aid at Houghton comes in many forms. Take time to explore the many opportunities by which we help students be able to afford to attend.

Scholarships and Grants

This type of financial aid does not need to be paid back!  Scholarships and grants are awarded to students based on academic achievement, leadership potential and financial need.  Scholarships are also awarded to students with exceptional talent in music or visual arts.  Local students, Wesleyan students, and children of alumni may also be eligible for special scholarships.

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Government Grants and Scholarships

The federal government provides aid in the forms of grants, work study (getting a job on campus), Veteran’s benefits and more.  New York State students may be eligible for need-based grants and other aid programs through the state.  Additionally, Houghton’s ROTC program opens up possibilities for students to receive generous scholarships and stipends.

Federal Aid
New York State Aid


A variety of loan options are available for students who need to borrow.  Our financial aid counselors can provide sound advice on loan options and application procedures.

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