Financial Aid for Internationals

Financial Affidavit

International students must complete the financial affidavit as part of the application process. The financial affidavit indicates where your financial support will come from to fund your studies at Houghton. Your support may come from your own personal funds or those of a family member or sponsor. All Houghton College students are considered for institutional aid, however since Houghton has limited funds to offer international students, we expect you to cover all yearly expenses.

Download the financial affidavit

Financial Aid Opportunities

The following is a partial list of financial aid programs available to TCKs and International students.


Generous friends of Houghton have funded a number of scholarships which are awarded according to the wishes of the donors. These scholarships will be given to students who qualify. Scholarships are available in the following categories:

  • Christian Service Scholarships
  • Ministry or Missions Scholarships
  • Music Scholarships
  • Scholarships for Demonstrated Financial Need
  • Scholarships for Business Majors
  • Education Scholarships
  • English Scholarships
  • Science and Math Scholarships
  • Special Category Scholarships

On-campus Work Opportunities

There are many jobs available on campus. A social security card is required to obtain work on campus and Houghton will help international students obtain their card. A student typically works between 7 hours per week.

More information can be found on the financial aid web page.