0 Houghton Alumnus Featured in New York City Art Space

Houghton Alumnus Featured in New York City Art Space

February 22, 2018

Stefan Zoller, a 2008 Houghton University graduate, recently had an exhibit featured at Sla307 Art Space in New York City. Bone Memory is Zoller’s first solo exhibit in the city.

Zoller bases his paintings for Bone Memory on diagrams drawn by his late grandfather, who was a civil engineer. The black and white paintings are heavily layered and feature thin, diagrammatic line. These layers, Zoller states, create a physical barrier between the diagram and the viewer, acting as a metaphor for the distance that is created by loss. Zoller never knew his grandfather, a factor that played into the development and execution of the exhibit.

“The Bone Memory exhibition at Sla307 is the newest work from a series I began during my final year of graduate study at Syracuse University in the fall of 2015,” says Zoller. “I’m excited and proud to have the opportunity to showcase this work together in such a beautiful space in one of New York’s finest art communities.”

Zoller, who studied studio art at Houghton, also holds a Master of Fine Arts from Syracuse University. He teaches drawing and design at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).

Bone Memory and other works are available for viewing on Zoller’s website, http://stefanzoller.com/, and his Instagram at instagram.com/stefanzollerstudios.