0 Houghton University Now Offers Online Courses for Personal Enrichment

Houghton University Now Offers Online Courses for Personal Enrichment

January 7, 2020


Beginning January 13, 2020, Houghton University Online is making many classes available to audit. In the past, students had to be enrolled in a degree program or on campus to audit a class. “Education is no longer just about a degree,” said Dr. Ken Schenck, Vice President for Planning and Innovation and director of Houghton Online. “The world is changing so quickly that we need to keep learning throughout our lifetimes. We want to make the resources of the college available to as broad an audience as possible.”

For those not necessarily seeking a degree but who want to continue learning for personal enrichment, auditing a class through Houghton Online is an affordable choice. “If you simply want to learn more about a subject as a lifelong learner, you can audit these classes for the flat audit rate of $150 a course,” continues Schenck. “And many of the available classes offer the added benefit of a weekly live session.”

Classes enroll every eight weeks, and the next start date after January 13 is March 9. For more information on enrolling in available classes, visit the Lifelong Learning Opportunities page of Houghton’s website, or contact the admission office at online@houghton.edu or at 585-567-9353.