My Friday at Houghton: Student Athlete Edition

The Start of My Day

Hello! I’m Erin Maggio and I’m currently a junior at Houghton College. Today it’s Friday (yay!) and I’ll be leading you through my day here.

I don’t have any morning classes this semester, but I have a meeting this morning at nine, so I got up at around 7:45 to give me enough time to get ready and get some breakfast. I live in a townhouse so once I’m dressed and ready, I start my walk up to campus. It takes about 10 minutes, and I love it this morning because of all the leaves on the walkways. Crunching leaves is one of my favorite things!

When I walk up to the dining hall, I see one of my soccer teammates at a table and join her. Throughout breakfast, more of our teammates join us. I have a breakfast sandwich: egg, cheese, and sausage on an English muffin, along with a hash brown patty and a cup of tea. Once it hits about 8:45, most everyone clears out of the dining hall for 8:55 classes. I stay a bit later as I don’t have my meeting until 9.

It’s 8:55 so now I’m heading over to the Chamberlain Center. I have a meeting with Professor Dashnau for my writing class called Literary Nonfiction—it’s a conference to talk over my first draft for our first paper. We go through the paper together and she gives me ideas on some revisions to make, which I’ll do over the weekend, as the final draft is due on Tuesday.

The meeting is over and it’s 9:15. That gives me about an hour and a half until chapel, so I head over to the library to get some classwork done. I love the views from the second floor of the library. The room that overlooks the quad is a great place to work—you have such a nice view of campus from there! View from the Houghton College LibraryI missed a test for my Advertising class yesterday because I was off campus for my internship, so I decide to continue studying for that, which I’ll take later tonight.

Going to a Christian College

It’s now 10:50, about time to start heading over to chapel. As Houghton is a Christian college, we have chapel services on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. They typically involve a form of worship and singing at the beginning, prayer, reading of Scripture, and then a message given by someone from Houghton or a guest speaker. Today we sing a couple of contemporary songs, and we hear a piece of Scripture read in both Thai and English. I found listening to it in a different language was super fascinating. Dean Jordan, the dean of the chapel, is speaking today. I always like chapel because it allows for some rest from the busyness. It’s also a time to reconnect to God and gather with everyone at the school.

Chapel ends around 11:45 and I start heading back over to Chamberlain for my first class of the day—Theology of Creation. Professor Case teaches the class, and today we are learning about the differing views on evolution throughout the Church. Although I’m not a theology major, because Houghton is a Christian college, all students take a couple of Bible and theology courses. I’m glad I chose to take Theology of Creation because it is interesting to see the different ways people look at the earth and God’s place and participation in it.

My Afternoon

Once class ends at 12:45, I head over to the dining hall for lunch. The best part about lunch today is that they have the really good brownies for dessert!! I may or may not have had three of them (sorry coach).

I have class again at 1:40, so I head to the library. The library has classrooms on the third floor, and that’s where we meet for Writing for Social Change. Our first assignment was to write a “witness project”: a story, poem, or essay that bears witness to a life or an experience that is, or that has been, missing from public discourse. We are workshopping, so we discuss the strengths and weaknesses of our classmates’ pieces. We will discuss my piece on Monday.

After that’s over, I have Environmental Literature class at 2:40. Because it’s so warm out today, Professor Lipscomb decides that we should have class outside today. We go down to the outdoor classroom, which is a place to sit and do work outside, right next to the chapel. We are discussing last night’s reading, a poem called “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” by poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Class is over at 3:30, which means I can head back to my house now.

My Friday Night

I have soccer practice at 4:30, so I quickly get changed and head over to practice. I walk there, so I have to walk pretty quickly down back to campus and then to KPAC (the Kerr Pegula Athletic Complex). The team meets in the locker room before practice to get ready, and five minutes before practice starts, we gather and pray together.

We go through practice in anticipation for our game tomorrow against Hartwick College. They’re in our conference so it’ll be a pretty big game. At 6:30 we end practice and it’s time to head over to dinner.

The dining hall is pretty empty this late on a Friday night. And they have pulled pork (my favorite)! Dinner is always a fun time with my teammates after practice.

When we finish eating, me and my housemates head up back to our townhouse. I shower and start preparing for my test, which I’ll take online at 9. The test goes well, and I finish at nearly 10. Yay, I can finally relax after a long week of soccer, school, and work! I lay in bed and watch Netflix until I can’t keep my eyes open any longer. I need to get a lot of rest for our game tomorrow! Goodnight! Thanks for following me around today.

I’m Erin Maggio and I’m a junior double majoring in Communication and Writing with a minor in English. I am on the women’s soccer team here at Houghton!