The IMPACT of Endowed Scholarships | Houghton Magazine

The Houghton family creates and continues to grow endowed scholarships for many reasons, often in honor of someone who has played a meaningful role in individuals' lives.

With ninety new endowed scholarships created over the course of the IMPACT campaign, funds have been created to pay tribute to beloved professors, such as Jake Jacobson; honor the memory of parents, such as Maxine Hildebrandt; or celebrate an entire family’s legacy of generosity, such as the Brautigams. These funds are a tribute to both the sacrificial nature of Houghton alumni and the legacy of those who have left a lasting impression on the lives of others.

Professor Jake Jacobson Scholarship

As we reflect on our college experience at this stage in our journey, both of us are impressed by the significance of those brief four years. People like Professor Jacobson instilled in us a marvelous view of Christian service that set us on a lifelong pilgrimage, one that has been filled with opportunities to touch others with the gracious love of Jesus Christ. We can never fully repay Houghton for those transformative and foundational years. Endowing a scholarship in honor of Jake is a small gesture of our profound debt to Houghton College and its faculty and staff.

Rev. Wally ’76 and Mary (Grazioplene ’76) Fleming

Brautigam Family Scholarship

Houghton College has been tremendously important to the Brautigam family. We thrived with Houghton’s emphasis on the whole person, becoming academically prepared and more spiritually mature. It was such a special experience that nine of the next generation also graduated from Houghton. I love Houghton and was very happy to learn that we could have an ongoing giving legacy for current and future students by setting up an endowed family scholarship that family and friends can also support. The Brautigams all needed financial aid, and we want future students to also have access to a Houghton education.

Dr. Donald Brautigam ’70

Maxine Hildebrandt Scholarship

For me and my two younger sisters, the goal of a Christian college education at Houghton was only accomplished through the financial sacrifice of our mother. She was a single parent raising three girls on her hourly bookkeeping wage. It was because of her constant and careful budgeting that we were able to each graduate from Houghton College debt free. We created The Maxine Hildebrandt Scholarship Fund in her honor and aligned our estate plans to help others also realize their dream of a transformational Houghton experience.

Tanya (Hildebrandt ’73) Shire