Picture of Townhouses

Houghton has 28 townhouse units on campus. Most units can hold seven or eight students. Each townhouse has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large living room and a kitchen.

The kitchen comes with a refrigerator, stove/oven, microwave and a dishwasher. The bedrooms come with a dresser, chair, desk and bed for each student, and the living room has a sofa and table. There are Internet hook-ups for each student and the living room has a cable hook-up. In a typical year, about half of the units will be used for women’s housing and the other half will house men. Students apply in groups of seven or eight per unit.


  • 24 Houses, including 4 Randall Student Engagement Houses
  • Resident Assistants (RAs): 3
  • Room Sizes: 4 doubles

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