0 Pettway and Kongkaw Present Paper

Pettway and Kongkaw Present Paper

June 26, 2020

Dr. Änna Pettway and Nuk Kongkaw presented their paper, #existingwhileblack: The Psychological Burden of Anti-Black Racism in the Liberal Arts, at the Conversation on the Liberal Arts conference held at Westmont College from February 27 to 29, 2020, prior to the COVID-19 directives. The annual conference was put on by the Gaede Institute for the Liberal Arts at Westmont and was titled “Still Dreaming: Race, Ethnicity, and Liberal Arts Education.” This year’s theme asked the questions “In what ways has liberal education, past and present, fostered racial privilege?” and “How can liberal education cultivate racial justice?” 

“Dr. Pettway and I were honored that most of conference plenary speakers attended our session,” said Kongkaw, Director of the Mosaic Center at Houghton. “Dr. Reggie Williams, author of Bonhoeffer’s Black Jesus, was also in attendance, and he said that our research helped him name some things that he had experienced. As an academic scholar and a mental health counselor, I try to connect my work with strengthening my community, and I am glad when I get feedback that confirms my efforts are making a difference.