Meet Abigail | Highlander Blog

May 1, 2019


My name is Abigail Reeth. I am currently powering through the final semester of my senior year as a Houghton University Highlander. As a writing and art double-major, I can often be found feverishly painting in my loft in the Stevens Art Building, or curled under a blanket with my nose buried in a book.

I am a proud homeschool graduate as well as a Minnesota native, and I like to think that I am relatively unfazed by Houghton’s long, frigid winters. However, having grown up in urban Minneapolis, I am undoubtedly a novice when it comes to the beautiful, rural life which surrounds campus.

Life as a Highlander

Over the course of my time as a Highlander, I have enjoyed participating in a variety of activities. Each fall, I have played on the women’s soccer team, and during my sophomore year, I decided to run track for the first time in my life—a daunting but strengthening and community-building decision. As a freshman, I studied in the East Meets West Honors Program and spent a whirlwind three weeks traveling through the Balkans (although, to be perfectly honest, I first needed to learn how to locate that region of the world on a map!)

As a writer, I have enjoyed contributing articles to the Houghton Star (our student newspaper), and this year, I began working as a consultant in the Writing Center where I help fellow students gain writing confidence as we collaboratively brainstorm, compose, and revise papers. Also, I have appreciated opportunities to enter my own writing in various campus-wide literary and poetry contests and to submit my artwork into the Annual Juried Student Exhibition hosted in the Ortlip Gallery.

Needless to say, I have encountered what could probably amount to a book’s worth of experiences at Houghton, and I look forward to reflecting on and sharing these adventures with you.