Meet Mikalah | Highlander Blog

April 17, 2019

My name is Mikalah, and I am majoring in English and communication at Houghton!

About Mikalah

I have lots of interests, because I admire all the different things God has made humans capable of doing! You can catch me going for a drive (my favorite), reading, taking pictures, singing, riding horses, visiting different parks, volunteering and participating in many different activities put on by the college (my favorite being Koinonia). I also have a few jobs; my main one is at a group home for people with developmental disabilities. It has been an awesome experience using the education I’ve gained at Houghton and applying it to my jobs.

What the Future Holds

After graduating from here in 2020, I plan on getting a master’s in education and aim to eventually become a high school English teacher. I want to share the love of Christ with kids through literature and discussion. I do not have any dreams of making a huge impact on the world; rather, I would love to establish myself in a community and make an impact through the little things I do and the ways that I love the people around me. However, God might have bigger plans than that, so we’ll have to see! My education at Houghton has convinced me that I am capable of so much more than I ever thought, and, after graduating, I will be well equipped with strategies for positively impacting many people.

Why I Chose Houghton

There are many reasons why I chose to come to Houghton, but the fact that it gives students opportunities for growth alongside other believers is the biggest for me. I doubt there will be another chance in my life to live with so many other Christians and learn from their unique experiences. My time here has challenged me to see different points of view and ways of looking at the world. I believe my education here is helping me build a firm foundation in my faith before going out to places that may try to change my values and outlook. This place is a wonderful way to make the transition into adulthood alongside other believers who are encouraging, loving and caring and who want to see you succeed.

It’s in God’s Hands

I can’t wait to see where God takes me once I graduate, but I’m trying to cherish the moments I have here at Houghton as much as I can. It is a very special place that has helped shape who I am in ways I never thought possible. I am more knowledgeable, not just about academics, but about community and, most importantly, my faith. I’ve been given amazing tools to use as my journey in this life continues. I am very grateful for this blessing of a college and am so excited to see how God uses my education for His glory!