Meet Zach | Highlander Blog

May 8, 2019

Hello, followers of Houghton University, and future Houghton Highlanders! My name is Zach, and I am a current senior here at Houghton University. It feels like yesterday I was a senior at Alexander Central School, a small school located about an hour north of Houghton’s campus. With an open canvas in front of me, I could only imagine all the amazing new possibilities, people, and experiences I was going to have at Houghton. I was totally right! In the blink of an eye, my four years at Houghton have passed so fast, mainly because of the tremendous time I have had here.

A little bit about myself: I am a business administration major with a focus in marketing, and I picked up two minors in communication and accounting along the way. Outside the classroom, I have worked in the admission office as an intern the past two years. When it comes to planning prospective student visits or calling prospective students about Houghton, I am on it!

Go Highlanders!

I’m a two-sport college athlete for the Houghton Highlanders as well. In the fall, I participate on the men’s soccer team, and in the spring, I compete on the men’s tennis team. Participating on two sports teams can be a challenge, but I have no regrets. I have gained so many lifelong friendships in the process, and have had the opportunity to glorify God through athletics as well.

If you get to know me beyond Houghton, you will see that I am a huge fan of Buffalo sports. I am a die-hard Sabres and Bills fan, and I will be backing up my team no matter how bad we may be! Some other hobbies of mine include hiking in the Adirondacks, snowmobiling, playing pond hockey, and visiting US cities!

Future Goals

I would love to work in sports marketing. It’s a true passion of mine, and I look forward to the steps I’ll take in the near future to get there! One thing I know for sure is that Houghton has prepared me so well for the next stage of my life. I feel like in just a few short months, I will use all the hard and soft skills I learned at Houghton to benefit my employer.

The faculty and staff at Houghton have invested in me more than I can describe. It is one thing for professors to care about you as a student, but it is entirely different for them to care about you as a person. At Houghton, I can guarantee our staff will care about you deeply in every sense of the word. I personally think that is Houghton’s greatest strength, which separates it from its competition.

As a senior experiencing my last semester here at Houghton, I can truly say Houghton has provided me the best four years of my life. The transition from high school to college comes with so many unknowns, but reflecting back, I would not change a thing about the institution I chose. Houghton is my place, and when I leave this community in a few months, I will absolutely be torn. If there’s one thing I can draw from my time here, though, it’s that I don’t have to completely leave Houghton behind. “Once a Highlander, always a Highlander,” after all! I will forever have ties to this incredible college and these incredible people.