College Fleet

Who is eligible to Drive:

  • Students 21 and over can apply to become approved college fleet drivers.
    If students are under 21 and have 3 years of driving experience (with a completely clean record) they can also apply to drive college cars.
  • Faculty and Staff who wish to drive college vehicles also need to be certified through the Driver Safety Seminar.

Getting Approved to Drive:

Fleet Driver Training is all done online in Moodle. Here is how you can get certified:

This is set up as a class in Moodle:

  1. Type in your user name and password
  2. Then Click on Enroll Me
  3. Then Click on Fleet Driver Training and complete the class
  4. Then Click Return to Fleet Driver Training
  5. Then Click on Fleet Driver Information Sheet
  6. Fill out the first 2 pages (pages 3-4 are for your records), print off and return to Becca Crouch with a copy of your driver’s license
  7. Then Click on Fleet Van Training (if over 21) and watch the video
  8. Click on the Fleet Vehicle Van Training Certificate, print it off, sign and return to Becca Crouch.  The Fleet Office, in conjunction with Safety and Security and the Student Life Office, will review your paperwork to determine if you are certified.  You must be a student in good standing to be approved to drive college vehicles.  You must submit all your paperwork and driver’s license to be approved.

College Vehicles:

Please specify what type of vehicle you will need with your request:

  • Cars
    (4 passengers plus driver)
  • Mini-Vans
    (6 passengers plus driver)
  • Full-Size Vans
    (11 passengers plus driver)
  • 1 Cargo Trailer (must be 25 to haul this)

Cost for Driving College Vehicles:

All drivers must have a “college business” purpose for use (vehicles are not allowed to be used for personal reasons).  The cost to drive a college fleet vehicle must be charged to a college account.  The accounts are charged a flat rate based on the total number of miles traveled.  Student’s requesting use of vehicles will need approval (to charge their account number) from a faculty member or an advisor of their organization.

Cars, Mini-Vans, and Vans are charged $0.40 per mile up to a maximum of $40.00 per calendar day.  Trailers are charged $0.05 per mile.

Fleet Vehicle Van Training Certification

Fleet Driver Information Sheet