Vehicle Use Policy

  1. All drivers must be 21 years or older to drive college-owned vehicles.*
  2. All drivers must go through driver training to be approved to drive college-owned vehicles.*
    (*Please see Driver Approval Policy for details.)
  3. All drivers must have a “college business” purpose for use.  Drivers must also have an account number that will be billed for the mileage.  Student’s requesting use of vehicles will need approval from a faculty member or an advisor of their organization.
  4. Reservations must be made in advance online. You will need this information to fill out the fleet driving request form:
    1. Driver’s Name
    2. Your e-mail address
    3. Driver of the vehicle if it is not you
    4. Vehicle Preference (Car, Mini-Van, Van)
    5. Vehicle Pick-up and Return DATES and TIMES (not “morning” or “all day”)
    6. Trip destination
    7. Account number to charge the mileage to
  5. You may pick up the packet for your reserved vehicle at the Welcome Center Desk between 8am and 10pm Monday- Thursday and 8am-mid. Friday-Sunday when school is in session.  If you need a vehicle outside of office hours, we will make arrangements for you to pick up your packet early or to pick it up at Safety and Security.  If the Welcome Center Desk is closed, Campus Safety and Security will assist you.
  6. When your reservation takes place over a weekend or a holiday, there will be detailed instructions on the packet.  Please pay close attention to these instructions to facilitate the needs of other parties.
  7. Upon getting in your vehicle, please write the vehicle’s mileage reading on the Vehicle Use Card enclosed in the packet as well as the license number which can be found on the front of the key packet.
  8. Before returning the vehicle, please use the College Fleet Credit Card inside the packet to fill it up with gas.  Please put the receipt for these purchases in the vehicle packet with the Vehicle Use Card.  Do not charge anything else to this credit card, gas only.  The account number you provide on the Vehicle Use Card will be charged $0.40 per mile for cars, $0.50 per mile for vans, and $0.60 per mile for “Thor.”
  9. Upon return, please fill out the entire Vehicle Use Card, including ending mileage, account number, and any problems you may have noticed while driving the vehicle.  If you don’t know the actual number of the account to be charged, please fill out all of the other information and e-mail with the account number as soon as you know what it is.
  10. Please park the vehicle in the college fleet’s designated parking spots in the Maintenance Parking Lot.  Please use a spotter to back vans into their parking spot.  Return the vehicle packet to the Fleet Drop Box (across from the ATM in the campus center) or the Welcome Desk (if your instructions on the back of the packet instruct you to do that).  It is VITAL that you follow the written instructions so that the next user will be able to use the vehicle
  11. When your plans change after you have made a reservation, please notify us at: collegefleet@houghton.eduas soon as possible.  Cancellation fees will be charged against your account if you do not let us know ahead of time that you will not be using a vehicle.  Please let us know by noon on Wednesday if you are cancelling a weekend reservation.  If you do not cancel your reservation, your account number will be charged a $20.00 non-cancellation fee per vehicle for those that were not used.
  12. Please leave the interior of the vehicle as clean as or cleaner than you found it.  Dispose of your own trash.  If you have a spill or something you have trouble cleaning up, please report it on the mileage card at the bottom near the vehicle repair notes.  It is our desire that everyone have a clean car to use.
  13. Remember that, as you drive, you represent Houghton College, and more importantly, you represent Christ.  So please be responsible and courteous.  J