Our goal is to provide Houghton College students and employees with clean, safe, attractive and properly operating facilities. Our hope is that life experiences at Houghton College will be positive and memorable. Our duty is - through God's grace - to meet every operating issue that is placed before us.

Custodial Services

These are services necessary to keep the College buildings and facilities clean and safe as well as setup and clean up for special events. Typical services include:

Washing and waxing floors, cleaning carpet, cleaning restrooms, dusting, and trash removal. Removal of ice and snow near buildings and ice control on sidewalks around quad area. Setup for special events (with 5 work days prior notice). Moving furniture within buildings.

Requesting Custodial Services

  • Emergencies – call x 4860 or 567-9486
  • Routine Requests – e-mail Custodial
  • Set-ups – e-mail at least 5 work days in advance

We at the Facilities Department (Maintenance, Custodial and Grounds) strive to serve campus by providing prompt, professional upkeep, repair and cleaning of our buildings and grounds.  We recognize that a myriad of different events occur on campus, and that many of these events require our assistance for moving or set up of furniture, special maintenance and grounds work, or additional cleaning services.

To better assist you in having a successful event, please keep in mind that we ask for a minimum of five working days (one full week) notice for any request that you have.

These requests may be made by phone call (567-9480 for Maintenance and Grounds; 567-9486 for Custodial), or by email to facilities@houghton.edu or custodial@houghton.edu.

Requests made fewer than five working days in advance will be considered in light of other campus needs and available resources, but may be subject to additional charges or possible refusal due to unavailability of resources.

Maintenance Services

  • Interior and exterior repairs to buildings
  • Routine painting of buildings
  • Maintaining utilities on College property
  • Routine maintenance of trees, shrubs, lawns, sidewalks and parking lots
  • Mowing, fertilizing and watering athletic fields
  • Moving furniture between buildings.
  • Snow and ice removal (View snow response plan)
  • Maintenance of College fleet of vehicles.
  • Project work as approved. (Projects consist of new construction or modification of current facilities. Outside contractors are often used for projects.)
  • Heating and air conditioning adjustments

Services to Other Departments

These are services for which Facilities Management does not receive specific budget allocation. Typical services include:

  • Repair to equipment purchased by or assigned to a department.
  • Assembly of items purchased by or assigned to a department.
  • Furniture repairs and re-upholstery.
  • Installation or preparation for installation of new or replacement equipment purchased by other departments.

Equipment Installations

Departments planning to purchase or install any new or replacement equipment should consult the Director of Facilities prior to placing an order. This will allow maintenance to confirm that there will be no problems that would prohibit the installation of the new equipment. In addition, a work request including account number with appropriate signature needs to be processed for any work that the department would like Maintenance to do relating to installation of new equipment.

Requesting Maintenance Services

  • Emergency Requests during office hours (7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) – Call x 4800 or 567-9480
  • Emergency Requests outside of office hours – Call Security at x3330 or 567-9330
  • Routine Requests and Departmental Requests may be entered using this online work order request form.