Time Frames and Planning Ahead

Production time for design projects varies depending on what is being requested. The following estimates give an idea of the time required to complete various types of projects.

The time-period estimates begin the day project text and images are received and end the day the product is delivered.

  • Large-scale print projects (view books, pieces with custom folds or cuts): 6-8 weeks
  • Posters, brochures, invitations, and flyers: 4 weeks
  • Advertisements, web/email graphics: 3 weeks
  • Reprint with corrections: 3 weeks
  • Reprint with no corrections: 2 weeks
  • Rush projects: as schedule allows

Typical Project Outline

1. To request design services, complete the design job start form online. Please be prepared to answer the following:

  • Project purpose
  • Target audience
  • Budget
  • Quantity
  • Deadline for delivery

2. The Marketing & Communications (MarCom) department will review the job for approval

  • Job start is reviewed to ensure project information is complete
  • Project is assigned to a graphic designer
  • Project is entered into Basecamp, our project management software

3. Launch Meeting or phone call will be scheduled (required in some instances); discussion topics for meeting or call may include:

  • Project purpose and target audience
  • Themes and creative elements
  • Copy submission and approximate deadlines
  • Budget
  • Method of distribution/mailing

4. Design process begins (refer to timeline estimates listed above).

  • The graphic designer will supply multiple proofs for review and approval. The approval stage will give you the opportunity to suggest edits and make necessary adjustments. Timely review of proofs is necessary to keep the project on schedule.
  • Before a project can be sent to print, the following is required from the client:
  1. Final approval from client noted on Basecamp
  2. Confirmation on quantity
  3. Delivery/mailing instructions

5. Project is sent to an appropriate vendor (on-campus QuickPrint or off-campus printer)

  • MarCom will review final proof from the printer and give approval
  • Changes made after a final project has been sent to an off-campus printer typically requires an additional fee, assessed by the printer
  • Professional printing requires roughly 10-14 working days.
  • QuickPrint requires one to three days

Rush jobs

The Marketing & Communications office will attempt to accommodate rush jobs. Some rush jobs may not be accepted when doing so will compromise the schedule of ongoing time-sensitive projects.

Account numbers and billing

MarCom does not charge for design services including consultation, editing, design, production, some photography or arranging for printing.

Complete submission of a job order should include quantity and account number to be charged.


Please proofread the text, check the layout carefully, and see that everyone who has a voice in the project has given approval.

Proofing checklist:

  • Check spelling – pay special attention to headlines, subheads and photo captions.
  • Verify names, dates, facts and figures.

All design jobs will also be proofed by MarCom staff. Some projects, especially those that will be seen by external audiences, will receive an extra round of proofreading.

Mail Services

If your publication will be mailed, indicate the type of mailing when your job is requested. The type of mailing may affect layout and printing. Ensuring compliance with postal regulations is included in the client’s proofing process. Mailing lists must be submitted to MarCom at least one week prior to the mailing’s drop date.


The MarCom office will select a printer for your project based on the specific needs of the project, pricing and schedule. Changes made to a project after it has been finally approved and sent to the printer may result in additional cost and a delay in the schedule.

All completed publications will be delivered to the MarCom office by the printer unless other arrangements are made. As soon as your project arrives, MarCom will contact you. Please check your project immediately for any printing errors. If there is a problem, we will act as your liaison with the printer.