Email Signature Instructions

Follow the instructions below to setup your Houghton College email account with the proper branded email signature:

  1. Open Outlook and log in to your email account
  2. On the top menu bar select “File”
  3. Select “Options”
  4. Select tab for “Mail”


  1. In the “Compose messages” section, choose the Signatures button to create a new signature or edit an existing signature following the formatting in the example at the bottom of the page.
  2. Put the cursor where you would like to insert the image, then choose the insert image button located near the end of the tool bar.
  3. A pop-up window will ask you to locate the file, for the file name copy and paste this web address:
    (you will need to copy this address before you start the process as once you go to the signatures window you cannot come back to copy this address)
  4. You may be asked to log in using your Houghton College ID and password, you will be told that you cannot edit this, and should open it as read-only >> select OK.
  5. Confirm that this signature is set as default for new messages and replies/forwards
  6. Choose okay and create a new email and your signature should automatically be at the bottom of the email.

Signature example for Step 5

First M. Last, Ph.D. (Arial 9pt bold)
Job Title (Arial 9pt)
One Willard Avenue | Houghton, NY 14744(Arial 9pt)
Phone: 585.567.9500 xXXXX | Fax: 585.567.9668 | (Arial 9pt)