Website Editing Policy

Houghton College employs a decentralized model of web editing. This allows staff and faculty to directly edit parts of without needing to request edits from the MarCom Web Team.

The Houghton College website uses a Content Management System. Content Management Systems (CMS) allow users to make edits without needing any special technical knowledge.

Faculty and staff members can request editing privileges for pages or sections that they are responsible for. Editing privileges are also available for student workers under the supervision of a faculty or staff member who also is an approved editor.

How can I get editing privileges?

Submit a request for a new CMS User Account. You will be notified when your account has been created and asked to participate in a brief orientation/training.

  • Staff – request must come from office director.
  • Students – request must come from supervisor/director.
    (person making request must also be an approved editor)
  • Faculty – request must come from faculty department chair

Request a CMS User Account

What can I edit?


All pages on the website are assigned an ‘owner.’ You are authorized to make text edits to any pages owned by your office or department. If you are unsure what pages are owned by your department, please contact the Web Coordinator.


The event calendar is maintained by administrators in the Center for Engagement and Hospitality. Other departments with permission to directly add events to the calendar are Athletics, the Greatbatch School of Music, and the Chapel. All other events should be submitted through the Event Submission form.

Faculty/Staff Directory

Adding, removing or editing a faculty/staff profile is at the discretion of the Human Resources office for staff members, the Academic Dean’s office for faculty members or by the direct supervisor of the staff/faculty member. No other offices or personnel may make these edits.

Faculty Profiles

Faculty profiles are an important part of the marketing function of the Houghton College website. Changes should be made in consultation with MarCom.


For assistance with forms, contact the Web Coordinator.


The Menus for the website are designed following industry best practices and by monitoring the navigation behavior of web users.You may suggest changes to the header or sidebar navigation by contacting MarCom.


MarCom is responsible for the content and layout of the homepage of Content editors should not make any modifications to the homepage.

Content standards


All published content should adhere to relevant guidelines for accessibility. For specific information, contact the Web Coordinator.


All content should adhere to college branding guidelines. Page templates are designed with those guidelines in mind and changing or modifying text styles, colors, fonts etc. is prohibited.

Spelling and Grammar

It is assumed that editors will use proper grammar and spelling. Contact MarCom if you would like proofing assistance.


Links should point to high quality and reputable sources of information. The linked text should describe or suggest what content the user will see when they click. Ex/ “Complete the online application.” Avoid the use of “click here” or similar types of text.

Images & Video

Contact MarCom for assistance with adding images and video

Web Editor Consent and acknowledgement