Vacation Policy


The purpose of Houghton College’s vacation policy is to allow for an equitable and uniform system of absence from one’s duties to allow for physical, mental and spiritual renewal.


I.          Eligibility

  • All employees regularly scheduled to work a minimum of 20 hours per week for at least nine months are eligible for vacation.

II.        Policy

  • Houghton grants vacation on a fiscal year basis to eligible employees.  All vacation is granted on June 1.  An employee is eligible to take granted vacation under the assumption that the employee will complete the full fiscal year of service.  Vacation may therefore be taken in advance of the employee’s actual completion of service during the fiscal year.
  • In the event the employee takes vacation during the fiscal year and then voluntarily terminates employment prior to the end of the fiscal year, any vacation taken but not earned must be reimbursed to the college by the employee.  Vacation is considered earned at the rate of 1/12 per full month worked during the fiscal year.
  • New employees will be granted vacation on a pro-rated basis for each full month of service remaining in the fiscal year after the date of hire. New employees are eligible to take vacation after three months of employment.
  • Accrued and unused vacation will be paid to the employee or beneficiary in the event of the employee’s termination, retirement or death.  This vacation will be calculated using the employee’s current rate.
  • One half-day, not chargeable to vacation, will be allowed for an employee to attend the Houghton College graduation ceremonies of a child or spouse.  If available, the employee may elect to take a half-day vacation to allow for a full day off.
  • If an official, college-observed holiday occurs during an employee’s vacation, the employee will not be charged vacation for that day.

III.       Scheduling of Vacation

  • All vacation must be approved by one’s supervisor.  If at all possible, it should be scheduled at least 30 days in advance for vacations of longer than one day and 24 hours in advance for single or half-day vacations.  However, realizing that one’s personal and professional schedule does not always allow advance scheduling, this notice requirement may be waived by the appropriate supervisor.
  • Vacation will be scheduled to ensure that, in the opinion of the supervisor, adequate coverage will be provided in the work area.  Your supervisor reserves the right to deny a request for vacation when it would significantly interfere with operational capability.
  • It is the opinion of the college that vacations of longer than a single day provide the employee with maximum physical, mental and spiritual renewal.  Therefore, the college strongly urges that employees take at least one week-long vacation each year.  However, in an attempt to maintain flexibility and to allow each employee to decide how best to utilize their own vacation days, employees may take vacation days in the manner they desire, provided they have supervisory approval.

IV.       Vacation Carryover

  • All vacation must be used by May 31 of the fiscal year in which it is granted.  No carry-over of vacation from one fiscal year to the next is permissible.

V.        Vacation Schedule

Service Anniversary

Reached During Fiscal Year Days Per Year Hours Per Year
1 – 2 12 96
3 – 4 14 112
5 – 6 16 128
7 – 15 17 136
16+ 22 176

*This schedule represents the vacation available for an individual working 40 hours per week, 12 months per year.  If you work less than 40 hours per week or are scheduled to work less than 12 months, the above amounts will be pro-rated.