Staff Handbook

Staff Handbook



This Handbook for Staff Personnel has been prepared by the Human Resources Office as a guidebook containing policies, procedures, payroll and fringe benefits information and delineating the various responsibilities and opportunities of each staff member.  It is intended to acquaint each staff member with the mission and structure of Houghton College.  The benefit explanation contained herein summarizes the documents governing your benefit programs.  Should this handbook conflict with the legal Plan Documents, the Plan Documents will govern.

At the time of issuing this handbook, the college intends to continue the benefits and policies described.  However, the college reserves the right to modify, amend, delete or otherwise change this manual at any time. Further, nothing in this handbook is intended to create an expressed or implied contract of employment.

Any changes in this handbook will be communicated through any or all of the following methods:

  1. Employee meetings
  2. Postings on the employee bulletin boards
  3. Distribution of revised handbook pages
  4. Letters/E-mails to employees
  5. Listed on the Human Resources “New Policies” webpage

Please read the material carefully so that you can benefit fully from the provisions made for you.  If at any time you have questions about your job or about items appearing in this handbook, please feel free to discuss them with your supervisor or with the Human Resources Office.