Employee Privileges

  1. 8.1      Professional memberships
  2. 8.2      Library
  3. 8.3      Use of gymnasium and campus center
  4. 8.4      Recreational and other activities
  5. 8.5      Other college facilities
  6. 8.6      Campus store discounts
  7. 8.7      Telephone use
  8. 8.8      Employee service awards


8.1  Professional Memberships

Professional memberships are available as budgeted with the approval of the  supervisor and/or department administrator.

8.2  Library

Houghton College employees and their children (age 12+) may borrow library materials by using their Houghton College ID.  Circulation rules vary depending on material type and employee/user status.  Hours, policies, and services are available via the library’s webpage:  https://www.houghton.edu/library/

8.3  Use of Gymnasium and Campus Center

Faculty and staff with Houghton College identification, and their guests, may use the gymnasium and campus center facilities according to regulations.  Parents may request ID cards for their dependent children seventh-grade and older.

Families are also requested to observe the following:

1.      All children under seventh-grade are to be accompanied by a parent for the activity in which they are participating.

2.      Adult card holders may use the cards to bring “visiting guests” on occasion.  However, if a guest is a local community member, they will be expected to purchase a Recreation Club Membership if they wish to continue use of the facility on a regular basis.

3.      ID holders (grades seven-12) may bring one guest from outside of the community (example:  friend or a relative) on occasion.  However, if the guest is a local community member, their family will be expected to purchase a Recreation Club Membership if they wish to continue use of the facility on a regular basis.

8.4  Recreational and Other Activities

Employee ID cards are furnished to all full-time employees of the college for admittance to lecture series and sporting events.  Use of the tennis courts, ski slopes and cross-country trails is available when they are not being used by students.  Ski equipment may be rented for a nominal fee.  Please consult the physical education department for any regulations governing these areas.

An Artist Series discount is given full-time employees.  Retirees, who were formerly full-time employees, are also eligible for the discount.

8.5  Other College Facilities

Faculty and staff desiring to use college facilities for special events such as weddings, anniversary celebrations or other special activities or conventions should make arrangements well in advance through the Conference Director.  A nominal fee for the use of the college facility will be charged to the employee.

8.6  Campus Store Discounts

A 10  percent discount will be given to the following:

1.     Houghton College employees and their spouses.  Their children may also receive a discount if they present a written note from the employee parent at the time of purchase.

2.     Houghton Academy employees and their spouses.

3.     Sodexo employees and their spouses.

4.     Pastoral staff of Houghton Wesleyan Church and their spouses.

5.     All college offices and organizations.

6.     Houghton College Emeriti faculty

7.     Board of Trustees and members of the President’s Advisory Board.

8.     Houghton College retirees.

Discounts do not apply to already reduced merchandise, textbooks, food/candy/beverage, newspapers, phone cards, gift cards, calculators, International Market merchandise, and consignment merchandise.  The 10 percent discount does not apply to children of trustees, pastors (other than Houghton) and fire departments.

8.7  Telephone Use

The college telephones are to be used only for institutional calls.  If an occasion arises when it is necessary to make a personal call or send a personal fax, please use a calling card.

8.8  Employee Service Awards

An annual recognition event is provided for employees of the college and their spouses and/or friends.  At this time, recognition is given in five-year increments to all employees who have completed 10 years or more of service.