1. 3.1      Bulletin board
  2. 3.2      Campus parking and traffic regulations
  3. 3.3      Personal appearance
  4. 3.4      Use of college name and logo
  5. 3.5      Confidentiality
  6. 3.6      Key policy
  7. 3.7      Children in the workplace

3.1  Bulletin Board

The bulletin board in the basement hallway of the Luckey building provides a number of legal notices regarding your rights. All employees are responsible to review the material on that board from time to time.

3.2  Campus Parking and Traffic Regulations

All faculty and staff members of Houghton College must register their vehicles with the Security Office and place the permit issued on the vehicle.  A vehicle is properly registered if the appropriate parking permit (or decal) has been permanently affixed to the vehicle in the place designated at the time of issue.  This should be done at the beginning of employment or whenever there is a change in vehicle or license.  This permit or decal will allow faculty and staff members to park their vehicles on campus in areas marked for faculty and staff parking and in areas designated 10-20 minute parking.  From 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. –  Monday through Friday – staff and faculty may not park in student commuter parking areas.

The speed limit on campus is 20 miles per hour; it is 10 miles per hour in all parking lots.  Citations will be issued for traffic violations.  Traffic regulations are to be observed by all members of the faculty and staff of Houghton College.

3.3  Personal Appearance

Houghton College, sponsored by The  Wesleyan Church, places the responsibility of good taste in the manner of dress on the employee.  The Discipline of The Wesleyan Church declares a duty of the Christian to dress so as to adorn the Gospel in the spirit of I Peter 3:3-4 and I Timothy 2:9-10, giving clear testimony to Christian purity and modesty by properly clothing the body and refraining from superfluous adornment.  Employees are expected to wear attire appropriate for their particular job.  It is the responsibility of supervisors to address any concerns they may have regarding the dress of their employees.

3.4  Use of College Name and Logo

The college name may not be used by any individual in such a way as to imply that the college endorses the individual’s personal preference or belief.  When a member of the college community is quoted by the press or signs a political advertisement in favor of a candidate, they should not identify themselves either by Houghton College title or address in such advertisement, as such identification implies endorsement of the individual’s choice.

The official letterhead of the college is to be used only by the college and governance offices for Houghton College business.  Personal use of the college stationery is forbidden.  Questions regarding the college logo should be directed to Design Services.

3.5  Confidentiality

While working at the college, many employees will come into contact with information and records which are of a confidential nature.  Such information may include, but not be limited to:  student grades and account records, payroll, personnel and accounting data, and policies and procedures which are  under discussion in various committees but have not been made official policy.

It is expected that employees will keep the confidence placed in them and not give information to persons who are  not authorized to receive it.  Employees should consult their immediate supervisors regarding the confidentiality of the data they are expected to handle.

3.6  Key Policy

All keys to college buildings are obtained through the Security Office.  No employee is permitted to have duplicate keys for personal use.  Keys will be given to authorized personnel for their own use only.  Keys must not be transferred from one employee to another.  Please pick up keys from the Security Office when needed and return them to that office at the designated time after use.

Keys are a trust which each employee should guard carefully.   Keys should not be loaned to students or to unauthorized personnel.  Only selected individuals approved by the Vice President for Finance may have grand master keys.  The security of the college buildings, property, equipment and records depends on the strict control of keys.

Carelessness in the handling of keys has resulted in loss to the college.  Please guard the confidence placed in you by  the proper use of keys.  Employees leaving the employment of the college must turn in all college keys prior to their departure.

3.7  Children in the Workplace

Houghton College values family life and has worked to develop employment policies and benefits that are supportive of families.  While the College seeks to focus on providing an environment open to work and family issues, we also believe it is inappropriate for children of employees to be in work areas during regularly scheduled hours required for the discharge of one’s duties.

The College recognizes that there are differences in job descriptions and expectations between faculty and non-faculty, and between staff employees and administrative employees.  However, we find it necessary to issue these guidelines for the following reasons:

  • Safety of the children
  • Decreased employee productivity
  • Liability on behalf of the College

The College understands that emergency situations do arise with childcare.  However frequent and/or extended visits must be avoided.  Therefore, the following guidelines will apply:

Children of employees should not be present in the workplace during the employee’s regularly scheduled hours.  Situations requiring a child’s presence at the workplace must be approved in advance by the employee’s immediate supervisor or department head, who has the right to deny the request.  Such requests should be extremely rare. In emergency situations there must be appropriate child supervision at all times.  It is inappropriate for childcare to be assigned to any other employee or student worker.  If available and approved by the Supervisor, vacation should be utilized to provide appropriate childcare. Employees are encouraged to plan on-site visits with children, in appropriate areas, during approved rest and meal periods only. Older children of employees who are on campus are allowed in public places (assuming the building is open and no other official group or conference is utilizing the facility). For the purposes of this policy “public places” is defined as the campus center, the Nielsen Center and the library. Children should not be in any other dorm or building on campus. Further, children are expected to behave in an appropriate manner at all times.

5.   Questions or concerns should be addressed directly with the supervisor, staff representative, or Human Resources.