Working Hours

  1. 5.1      Workweek
  2. 5.2      Workday
  3. 5.3      Attendance sheets
  4. 5.4      Flexible work time
  5. 5.5      Premium pay (overtime)
  6. 5.6      Compensatory time
  7. 5.7      Lunch hours
  8. 5.8      Coffee breaks
  9. 5.9      Chapel attendance

5.1  Workweek

For record- keeping purposes, the workweek begins Saturday at 6 a.m. and continues until 6 a.m. the  following Saturday.

5.2  Workday

A normal workday for full time hourly, non-exempt staff consists of eight  hours.

Hours for departments which require irregular scheduling, such as security and the health center, shall be determined by the supervisor.  Supervisors in all areas have the authority to stagger lunches in order to keep the office open during the regular lunch hour.  Supervisors will set the lunch schedule in as equitable a manner as possible.

5.3  Attendance Sheets

Attendance sheets for hourly staff employees are to be maintained and turned in to the payroll office.   Timesheets for hourly employees must accurately reflect all hours worked for each corresponding day.  Non-exempt (hourly staff) employees must fill in the number of hours worked each day as well as indicate reasons for absence. These timesheets are due bi-weekly.  Contact the payroll office for specific due dates of time sheets.   Administrative exempt employees are required to track absences and submit to their supervisor as per each department’s policy.  The do not need to submit these regularly to Human Resources but must maintain a record of all absences and benefit time used and make available to Human Resources upon request.

5.4  Flexible Work Time

Work schedules are determined on the basis of the needs and requirements of each department and should be designed to:

1.      Provide timely and efficient service.

2.      Provide regularly recurring consecutive hours of work where practical.

3.      Avoid overtime.

Special circumstances inherent in some jobs or with employees’ personal lives may warrant establishing work schedules that vary from the normal pattern.  In these cases, department managers/supervisors have the latitude to vary employee hours within the following guidelines:

1.      Certain “core hours” are covered when the department and/or certain functions must be available to students, visitors, other offices, and individuals outside the college.

2.      Hours are  not excessively complicated with many variations in starting and ending times throughout the day or week.

3.      Total time worked adds up to the employee’s regular hours per week.

4.      Hours do  not violate the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

5.      Approved flex schedules for a given employee will be followed until a modified plan is presented and approved.

6.      Schedules must be approved by the Human Resources Office in advance of their implementation to be certain they are consistent with legal and institutional requirements

5.5  Premium Pay (Overtime)

Premium pay is paid at a rate of one and one-half times an employee’s hourly rate for hours worked in excess of 40 hours per workweek.  All overtime must be approved in advance by the supervisor.  Time off with pay, such as vacation, sick leave, holiday, etc., is not time worked and does not count toward hours worked for premium pay consideration.

Administrative and supervisory personnel (exempt employees) receive no additional monetary compensation for hours worked in excess of 40 hours per workweek.

5.6  Compensatory Time

Non-exempt employees who work longer than eight (8) hours in any one day are entitled, with supervisory approval, to compensatory time equal to the time worked in excess of eight (8) hours in one day.  However, it is a Federal Law that compensatory time must be taken within the same workweek as the extra hours were worked.  Absolutely no carry-over of compensatory time from one week to the next is authorized.  There is no compensatory time for Administrative (Exempt) employees.

5.7  Lunch Hours

New York state law requires employers to provide a minimum 30 minute lunch break.  Employees are therefore expected to use this break, as provided, by not working through lunch breaks or requesting permission for shortened lunch hours.

5.8  Coffee Breaks

Two 15 minute coffee breaks each day are allowed by the college.  When possible and feasible, breaks shall take place in the building where you work.  Breaks for office workers should be scheduled so offices are covered at all times.  Coffee break time cannot be accumulated and used as personal time or used as make-up time.

5.9  Chapel Attendance

Staff members will be allowed to attend one chapel per week without having to make up the time. On the day that the staff member attends chapel, they will not take a morning coffee break.   Employees should attempt to notify their supervisors at least one day in advance of the day they wish to attend chapel. Supervisors will attempt to facilitate staff chapel attendance. However, due to our desire to serve our constituency, it is understood that an employee’s request to attend chapel may occasionally be denied.