Student Telephone Information

Students who live in college housing and purchase a VoIP gateway from the college are provided an on-campus extension, voicemail and local calling.

Houghton College no longer provides students with long distance service. It is still possible to make long distance calls from your room using a calling card or third party calling service.

For more information or instructions on using your phone contact

Making Calls

Calling on-campus:

Enter the 4 digit extension.

Calling local numbers:

Dial the number: 567-xxxx.
Dialing 9 is not required.

Calling Toll-free numbers:

Dial the number without a “1”.
Dialing 9 is not required.

Calling long distance:

Calling long distance requires the use of a calling card.
Follow Toll-free dialing instructions.

Receiving Calls

Off-campus callers can reach you by dialing 585-567-9500 for the automated attendant and then dialing your extension when prompted. On-campus callers can reach you by dialing your 4 digit extension.

Employee Information

Employees are given an on-campus extension, voicemails, as well as an outside 567 DID number. Employees on campus will either have a single line analog phone or a multi-line digital phone. Please select your phone type below.

For more information and instructions on using your phone, contact

Information for Conference Members

Conference attendees cannot directly dial long distance. Phone cards are available in our campus store, and can be used from these phones. Conference attendees must bring their own phone to the room. Houghton does not provide them. If there is a difficulty with the phone line while attending a conference please contact the Conferences Office at x6470.

Calling Campus Phones:

You can easily call another phone on campus by dialing its four digit extension.

Calling Off-campus:

To call off-campus you must first access an outside line by pressing 9, followed by the phone number you wish to call. Toll-free and 567 numbers are free of charge.

Cellular Coverage

AT&T and Verizon are known to work on our campus. Others may work as well. Please contact your carrier to verify coverage in our area. Please use 14744 if your carrier asks for a zip code.