0 Dr. Deborah Birx to Give Virtual Commencement Address

Dr. Deborah Birx to Give Virtual Commencement Address

May 5, 2020

This Saturday, May 9, Dr. Deborah Birx, Ambassador-at-Large and the coronavirus response coordinator for the U.S. Coronavirus Task Force, will address the Houghton Class of 2020 as their virtual Commencement speaker. Birx, a Houghton graduate from the class of 1976, was scheduled to be on campus to deliver the address in person before the COVID-19 pandemic hit and has since made the time in her schedule to share a brief address with her alma mater virtually.

“It is a memorable privilege—and appropriate coincidence—for our graduates from the Class of 2020 to hear during their virtual Commencement from Dr. Deborah Birx in this very moment when she is so visibly using her gifts to address the global pandemic that has created such havoc in their personal lives—as well as in the entire world,” remarked Houghton University President and fellow member of the class of ’76, Dr. Shirley Mullen. “Dr. Birx’s entire professional journey speaks to the Houghton ideal of the ‘scholar-servant’—a person whose abilities and accomplishments are dedicated, not to self-aggrandizement, but to the service of others.”

The Commencement ceremony begins at 10:00 AM for anyone to attend virtually. The recording will be available on demand at the conclusion of the ceremony. To attend the ceremony, or to access the recording, visit the Houghton University Commencement page.