Anita Placido ’78: Sunrise Certainty | Highlander Devotional

September 16, 2019

The Painted Sky

Have you ever seen a sunrise or sunset that took your breath away? The myriad of colors that change right before your eyes from mauve and gold to pale pink and yellow, then to orange just as the sun reaches the horizon. When I see a sky like this, it makes joy bubble up in my soul and brings praise to my lips for God’s unspeakable beauty.

Inspires Hope

This majestic sky inspires hope in Jesus’ promise that I have a home in heaven prepared for me that will surpass anything I can imagine compared to earthly splendor. If this leaves me awestruck, I can’t imagine what the glory of heaven will look like. The streets of gold, the soothing sound of the river running through the center of the heavenly city, the sparkle of the gems of every color adorning the gates of heaven. How can the thought of it not cause us to sing His praise?

Sunrise Through the Eyes of a Child

Recently my daughter and my five-year-old grandson, Samuel, were waiting at the bus stop. He looked up and noticed the sunrise with multiple streaks of colors across the sky. Samuel said, “It looks like God painted a beautiful picture for us today” and then he just started praying, thanking God for such a pretty sky and asking Him to bless everyone today.

God’s Handiwork

It touched my heart that Samuel’s heart is so tender toward God. May I be so in tune with God to see His handiwork in all the little things in my daily life. I want my life to be full of praise for God’s beauty, even in hard times when that beauty comes out of ashes, just like a rainbow comes after a storm.

Thank you, God, that all the earth and skies reflect Your glory. May we look for it every day.

Photo Credit: Anita Placido. Anita (Hill ’78) Placido lives in Wilmore, KY, with her husband, Nick (’76), and works as a bank teller. She recently published a book called “Dreams of Sanity,” dealing with healing from deep depression, available on Amazon.

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