Houghton Online Offers Quality Courses for Classical Homeschoolers

December 30, 2019

Houghton will launch a set of courses curated specifically for classical homeschooling high school students beginning on January 13, 2020. The courses reflect the classical homeschooling ethos and provide a perfect segue from homeschool learning to college-level coursework.

Not All Offerings are Equal

While many colleges offer online courses geared toward high-schoolers, and students are increasingly entering college with a year or two of undergraduate credit in hand, some have raised the concern that high school students may not always be getting the same level of education as they would in traditional college classes.

Houghton Quality Taught by Houghton Professors

With Houghton Online, students will experience a bona fide college curriculum in which they may very well find themselves alongside regular college students. These are genuine, Houghton-quality courses taught by Houghton professors. Credits received should transfer anywhere, and would of course count toward a degree on the Houghton residential campus as well.

Classical Christian Education for Homeschoolers and Beyond

While Houghton offers many courses online, this webpage provides details about the selection of courses we’ve curated that may be of particular interest to homeschoolers pursuing a more classically designed curriculum. The fifteen available courses include a variety of subject matter, such as political foundations of the United States (June), a Christian approach to the great questions (January), or the great books (August, October).

Affordable Pricing for High School Students

Taking online courses during high school can significantly reduce the amount of college debt a student might accumulate. Each Houghton Online course in this curated list is specially priced for high school students at 175 dollars per credit hour. Degree-seeking undergraduate online courses are regularly 500 dollars a credit hour.

The first module begins on January 13, 2020, however, students can enter during any of the modules with new courses launching approximately every two months. Students can pick and choose which time frames and which courses best supplement their homeschool curriculum. If you have any questions, please contact online enrollment advisor, Bill Lawson, at 585-567-9357.