Campus Visitors

Campus Visitors

While our main priority this fall is to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for our students, visitors are still able to access certain parts of campus.

For the safety of our students, staff, and faculty, visitors on Houghton’s campuses this fall will be restricted to outdoor spaces and will only be permitted to visit public indoor spaces in non-residential buildings. Visitors will not be able to access residence halls, offices, and classrooms. Public indoor spaces are areas such as the Van Dyk Lounge in the Campus Center, the Atrium of the Center for the Fine Arts, or the Main Floor Lounge of the Chamberlain Center.

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Who qualifies as a “Visitor?”

A visitor is defined as an individual who is not a current employee or student of the college.

Who are “Official Visitors?”

Vendors, Admissions visitors, and visiting speakers or office guests specifically invited by an employee.

Vendors who have contracted with the college may visit campus to deliver goods and services but must be in consistent contact with a college representative as to when they plan to be on campus.

Prospective students and their families may visit under the guidance of the admissions office and a college department, following the above limitations.

All official visitors will need to submit to a screening procedure at the direction of their campus host.

Unofficial visitors do not need to submit a daily symptom screening. They should not, however, come to campus if they are feeling ill or are displaying any symptoms characteristic of COVID-19, such as a fever, dry cough, runny nose, or shortness of breath.


All visitors will be required to wear masks when they are in inside campus buildings. While outside, they are required to wear masks when near others and are encouraged to wear them at all times.

Social Distancing

Visitors will need to keep socially distanced (at least six feet) from others at all times and wear a mask when not able to be socially distanced.


Visitors will need to practice good hygiene, being sure to wash their hands frequently, using a clean mask, and utilizing the additional sanitizing stations set up around campus when entering a building and interacting with others.

Eating on Campus

As only students are able to access campus Dining Services, visitors are not able to buy food in the Dining Hall. We encourage visitors to bring food with them when they come to campus or to wait to eat off-campus when their visit is complete.