Building connections from the start.

Interconnect, the International Connection Program, helps international and third culture students navigate the transition from life overseas to life at Houghton. This amazing week-long program takes place the week before the start of each fall semester for all international and third culture students. Interconnect is a great opportunity to begin building friendships with other international/TCK students even before the arrival of other students to campus.

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Navigating Cultural Transition

Interconnect offers many invaluable, interactive sessions on topics that will aid the transition to life in the United States and at Houghton.

Meeting New People

Making new friendships with those who share similar life experiences, is a highlight of the interconnect program. Start your college experience having some friendships already in place. In addition, you'll be able to meet many current students, faculty and staff who share a cross-cultural background and interest.

Learning Practical Houghton Skills

Settling into a new culture requires learning new skills. During the interconnect week you will participate in activities that highlight important experiences such as obtaining a campus job, finding your way around Houghton, learning to set up a bank account, etc.

View of Wiscoy Falls, part of the Genesee River Valley in New York.

A Week to Remember

Let’s face it, fun is a key element of the college experience. That’s why interconnect has lots of it – including a bonfire, ropes course activities, a scavenger hunt, and a visit to a nearby fun park, just to name a few.

Arrival Information

Details for the fall 2023 Interconnect program will be available soon.

While cost and distance often prohibit international parents from joining their son or daughter on their arrival to college, parents are welcome to arrive and assist their student, however, the dinner is for students only.  It is important to note that after the reception students will be fully occupied with the interconnect program and will be unable to spend time with their parents.  While it can be a difficult transition for parents, due to the nature of the program, it works better for students to transition away from family and into college at the beginning of the week.  Parents who come are suggested to arrange their departure for Saturday evening or Sunday morning.  Parents will also need to arrange their own accommodations.

Arriving by Car

Details for students arranging private transportation coming soon.

Any early or late arrivals need to request special permission by contacting

Arriving by Air

All students arriving by air should arrange their flights to arrive at Buffalo International Airport (BUF). More details coming soon.

NOTE: You may be required to wait at the airport, depending on what times other students will be arriving. You will be notified by email what time to expect and meet up with the driver.

Arrival Costs

Although the Interconnect program is free, there are additional costs for airport pickups and for any meals prior to dinner on Saturday. More details coming soon.

Please contact Kim Cockle with questions.

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