Break Housing Request for Fall 2020

Break Housing Request for Fall 2020

All students should be aware that college residences close on Wednesday, November 25th and residents will be expected to turn in their room key prior to their departure.

Students who are returning to on-campus learning in the spring do not need to completely move out of their college housing.

While most students will be returning to their homes for this time, the college is prepared to house a small number of students who are unable to return home when the college residences close.

Housing in the flats will be available to students who fall into any one of the following categories:

  • They are international students who may not be able to travel to their home country due to travel restrictions.
  • They come from a situation that is, in some way or other, disruptive to their flourishing.

Students that feel that they fit in one of these categories and would like to stay in on-campus housing once residences close must apply by Friday, November 13th via this form:

Break Housing Request for Fall 2020 Form