Room Selection

Room Selection


Register for Fall 2021 classes

You will need to be registered in order to reserve a room for next year through Room Squatting or Room Draw.

Consider your housing options, read frequently asked questions below, and find a roommate.

Keep an eye out for an email from your RD about opportunities to connect with other students looking for a roommate.

Hoping to stay in your current room or join a friend in their current room? Attend Room Squatting Night!

Room Squatting Night - 9:30pm, Tuesday April 13th in each residence hall's main lounge. Qualifications - 1) all roommates must be registered for classes 2) the room must be fully occupied 3) minimum of one roommate currently lives in the room you're squatting.

Decided to choose a new room instead of squatting? Complete Room Draw Participation Form by Wednesday, April 14th.

You'll receive an email by April 19th with details about when and where to attend Room Draw. You'll also be assigned a Room Draw number.
Submit Your Room Draw Participation Form Now

Room Squatting

If you would like to keep your current room, or move to the current room of your roommate for next year, attend Room Squatting Night in the residence hall where you will live next year.

Room Squatting Night: Tuesday, April 13th 2021 at 9:30pm

  • Location: Main lounge of each residence hall

Room Squatting Requirements:

  • All roommates must be registered for classes for next Fall
  • The room must be fully occupied (two people in a double, three in a triple, etc.)
  • Minimum of one roommate must currently occupy the room they are squatting for next year

Room Draw

Room Draw is the process for returning students who want to select a new residence hall room for the upcoming school year. Students are given preference based on class standing. Students with full rooms are also given priority.

Room Draw: April 20th and 21st, 2021

  • April 14: Students must complete the Room Draw Participation Form and register for classes
  • April 19: Students will be assigned a Room Draw number based on hall preference, current class standing, and whether or not they will live in a fully occupied room. They will also receive details about the time and location where they should attend Room Draw.
  • April 20 & 21: Room Draw for all residence halls in various campus locations

Room Draw Floor Charts

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