Camille Castellano

Enrollment Advisor
✔️Career Fit Certified

Hometown: Auburndale, Wisconsin

Favorite Thing About Houghton: The 1300 acres of adventure.

Tip for Prospective Students and Families: It’s expected to feel nervous or overwhelmed with the college process, yet don’t forget to set aside time to enjoy the changes!

Why I Work @ Houghton: I work at Houghton to help students achieve what they have planned for the future – continuing onto higher education. Regardless of a student’s area of study or interests, they were brought to Houghton for a reason that only the Lord may know, which is powerful in itself. I love the fact that within this position I have the opportunity to truly connect with students during a changing time in their life. Houghton is a special place to make connections with students, faculty, and the community. These are all reasons as to why I work at Houghton.

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