Ryan Spear

Dean of Admission

Hometown: Franklinville, NY; born in Ft. Worth, TX

Educational background: BA in Psychology and Philosophy (Houghton College, 2007)

Interesting fact about me: I am a third-generation Houghton graduate on my father’s side and a fourth-generation graduate on my mother’s side.  Also, I am teaching myself banjo.

Why I chose Houghton: I wanted to be at a college that would both fit the type of person I already was and yet encourage me to grow further in all aspects of my life. Houghton provided an environment where professors would know me by name and I wouldn’t be just another student.

Favorite Houghton Memory: Running cross-country with great friends and brothers and sisters in Christ, having stimulating discussions about this that and everything in the classroom and out, and enjoying the outdoors.



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