Ryan Yates

Assistant Professor of Computer Science & Data Science

Ryan graduated in 2003 from Wheaton College with majors in computer science and mathematics.  He has worked in the software industry building tools computer aided design, computer vision systems, compilers, and embedded systems.  In graduate school Ryan worked in systems focused on hardware transactional memory from Intel Corporation and applications in the Haskell programming language.

At Houghton Ryan teaches data science classes where he blends together many of his previous experiences in industry with his computer science and math education.  When teaching computer science classes, Ryan focuses on systems oriented courses such as computer architecture, networking, and databases.

When he is not doing research or teaching, Ryan enjoys hanging out with his 7-year-old son Judah, 5-year-old daughter Junia, and his wife Rebekah, skiing when there is snow, ultimate when there is sun, and cycling whenever possible.

You can find details about Ryan’s research and classes on his personal webpage.

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