Frequently Asked Questions

What should be included when I apply for an open position?

Requested application materials include a cover letter, resume, three references, and a statement of Christian commitment.

What is a statement of Christian commitment?

Houghton College affirms its position as a Christian college of the liberal arts and subsequently employs people who subscribe to the intent, mission, statement of faith, and community covenant of the College.  That being said, we are pursuing candidates for our posted positions whose faith background and beliefs align with our mission and heritage.  The statement of Christian commitment is a short (no more than one page) summary of your personal faith journey.  Please contact the Human Resources Office if you have additional questions.

Once I apply, how soon can I expect to hear back from Human Resources to know that my application materials have been received?

In most cases you should expect to hear a response within two weeks.  It really depends upon the number of open positions, the availability of department managers, and time of year that the application materials were submitted.  We contact applicants directly either by email, letter, or phone to confirm receipt.

Is there a closing date for applications?

All jobs are open until filled or unless otherwise noted. Houghton reserves the right to fill or change open positions without prior notice.

How do I know if a job I see listed is still available?

Jobs listed on the website are currently available. On occasion, due to a high volume of application materials received for a certain position, we may remove the posted job description from the website once we begin the interviewing process. Please also keep in mind that some positions take longer to fill than others.

If I’ve previously applied for a position at Houghton do I need to submit another set of application materials?

  • If you have applied for a position at Houghton within the past three months and your information has not changed, simply contact the Human Resources Office and we will locate your previously submitted application materials.
  • If it has been more than three months, if any of your previous information has changed, or if you want to provide updated information please submit your revised application materials.

How is the rate of pay determined for an open position?

Each position at Houghton College is assigned a pay range based on pay for comparable positions in the job market. The pay rate for a new employee is based on applicable background and experience, as well as comparison with the pay rates of other college employees.

Can I get a listing of all positions currently available?

All current job openings are posted on our Employment website. You may also find available job postings in the hallway by the Office of Student Life (in the Campus Center), the Maintenance Office, and in the basement of the Luckey Building.