Faculty Lecture Series: Alison Young Reusser

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September 17 @ 4:25 pm - 5:30 pm


Library 323
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This Thursday, September 17, the 2020-21 Faculty Lecture Series begins with a talk by Professor of Psychology, Alison Young Reusser. Prof. Young Reusser’s lecture is titled, “The Replication Crisis in Psychology”.

About five years ago, reports started surfacing that a few eminent researchers in social psychology had faked or blatantly misused their experimental data. Later investigations uncovered a set of methodological practices common to many psychologists which have led to many small – or null – experimental effects being overhyped. The validity of decades of research has been called into question, as some have argued that fewer than half of all published research in social psychology is replicable. Some scholars have argued that this is just a witch hunt. Others have taken a “fix-it” approach, advocating for open-science practices that they argue will improve replicability. Prof. Young Reusser will discuss key aspects of the replicability crisis, its proposed causes, proposed solutions, and end on a hopeful note: psychology is already emerging from this crisis better than it was before.

All lectures begin at 4:25 in Library 323 and typically conclude by 5:30.  Faculty lecturers share insights from their research or from disciplinary explorations in which they are currently engaged.  Time is reserved for Q&A at the end of each lecture.  Lectures are open to students, faculty, and staff in-person.  The Series will be shared via zoom for others to enjoy.

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