Community Covenant for Graduate Students

Community Covenant for Graduate Students

Houghton College derives its purposes from the following mission statement approved by the board of trustees:

Houghton College provides an academically challenging, Christ-centered education in the liberal arts and sciences to students from diverse traditions and economic backgrounds and equips them to lead and labor as scholar-servants in a changing world.

As an independent liberal arts college of The Wesleyan Church, Houghton recognizes a responsibility to its students and to the Christian community at large. As an academic institution, Houghton has an obligation to pursue the truth unflinchingly and without bias. Members of the college community recognize this task and seek to create an educational environment that integrates faith, learning, and living. We are confident that all areas of knowledge and truth finally reflect and are extensions of God and His work in and through His creation.

Graduate students at Houghton are expected to respect the college’s aim to create a healthy Christian academic community. This involves treating others with respect and charity, being honest in our scholarship, and generally working towards the good of the whole campus. While matters of individual choice and liberty are important aspects of any Christian community and ought to be accepted, graduate students are expected to adhere to stated campus guidelines while on campus. We find certain practices to be inconsistent with our understanding of Houghton as a Christian academic community. Therefore, Houghton promotes an alcohol, tobacco and drug-free environment. While students are attending classes, using college facilities, etc., they are asked to respect these policies. Further, graduate students living in college-owned housing, or who are employed in any way by Houghton College are expected to follow the broader Community Covenant, as found in The Student Guide, available from the Office of Student Life, and on the Houghton College web site.

(HC Graduate Policies Council & Office of Student Life 10/2008)