0 President Lewis on Houghton's campus wearing pinstripe suit and purple tie.

Boldy & Fearlessly Forward – A Word From the President

May 3, 2022

Dear Friends,

As only the sixth person to lead Houghton University, I am thankful for the leadership, sacrifices and Godly obedience of those who came before me. Past presidents James S. Luckey, Stephen W. Paine, Wilbur Dayton, Daniel R. Chamberlain and Shirley A. Mullen, in various ways, across many decades, through actions known and others unknown, have made significant contributions to the college we know and love dearly. As I begin my term as president, I do so with thankfulness, a full heart, and deep respect and appreciation for the leaders who have preceded me.

In this next chapter of Houghton’s story, our direction is clear. Our mission is unchanged: to provide an academically challenging, Christ-centered education to students from diverse traditions and economic backgrounds, equipping them to lead and labor as scholar-servants in a changing world. From our founding, we have been a deeply Christian community, intentionally integrating our Christian faith with academic excellence. We have not only equipped students with the knowledge and skills needed for professional success, but, even more important, we have equipped generations of Houghton students for faithful lives of Christian service and disciple-making. Even in the midst of a changing world, social upheaval, and the erosion of families and communities, we hold fast to our faith and to our mission, and we march forward boldly and fearlessly, knowing that God is our rock, our shield and our salvation (Psalms 18:2).

I am passionate about Houghton’s mission and Christian higher education first and foremost because I love Jesus. I am passionate about equipping young people of faith with the knowledge and skills they will need to be successful in graduate programs and careers in data science, teaching, business, medicine, law and the arts. But just as important, I am passionate about equipping them with the understanding and tools they will need to withstand the attacks of the enemy, be effective defenders of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and fulfill our first great calling as Christians: to make disciples of Jesus. We continue to fulfill our mission on the Allegany County residential campus and through our online programs and in Buffalo. We are securing the foundation for what we believe will be significant growth for Houghton University Online and Houghton University Buffalo in the very near future.

Make no mistake about it, our challenges are great. Christianity and Christian higher education are under attack. This is neither cliché nor hyperbole. But as great as our challenges are, we know that God is greater. With God’s grace and favor; our humble obedience; and your continued prayers, partnership and support, Houghton will continue to grow stronger and stand for generations to come as a testament to the glory of God. We are so thankful for all that you do to support what God is doing at Houghton, and we humbly solicit your continued prayers and partnership.

Yours in His Excellence,


Wayne D. Lewis, Jr.