Houghton Offers Free Course on Race and American Christianity

Recent events have created a “kairos momenta moment when glaring disparities in American culture due to racism have our attention. What is more, the role that American Christians have played in these disparities is also on display. How can we seize this moment to seek justice? How can some of us see what we haven’t seen? What does a constructive moral vision and strategic plan for antiracist efforts look like, and how can all of us take action for sustainable social change? 

In response to this moment, Rev. Julian Cook will be teaching an online course for Houghton College that is free for anyone to audit and only $150 total for 3 hours of college credit that you can take anywhere. The course is titled Race and American Christianity and will take place on Thursday nights live from 7 to 9 pm ET.

If you would like to be part of this kairos event from June 29-August 23, fill out this special student form.