From Executive Directors to those aspiring to administrative or managerial roles in hospitals, business enterprises, and the real estate and hotel industries.

Houghton has partnered with eCornell to offer certificates for every learning community, allowing you to go further with your studies. Choose from over 60 different certificates. Sign up for one course or one program – all at a discounted rate.

Certificate Details

Who are the certificate courses for?

Anyone looking to acquire new skills in a specialized area, professionals seeking advanced credentials in order to move up to higher-paying positions in their current jobs, individuals who desire to stay up-to-date in their chosen career, and those who are exploring a change in career.

How much does each course cost?

$499 per course.  Taking certificate courses through Houghton will result in a significantly reduced rate.

How do I take a course?

Signing up for a course is as simple as completing the registration form on Houghton’s eCornell webpage.