Technology Requirements and Information

What is the format of Houghton’s online courses?

The core of Houghton College’s online courses is the creation of a dynamic learning community that is based on student engagement with each other and with a faculty member. Online discussion and collaboration using Moodle, the college’s course management system, are crucial elements in that engagement. Moodle will also be the main vehicle through which you will access class materials and assignments. The method of delivering tests and exams will vary from course to course, but many may be administered electronically through Moodle. (Note: Online courses will have the same letter grading scale as traditional classroom courses; the specific grading criteria for each course will be outlined in the course syllabus.) You will apply your skills at independent learning as you perform research using the extensive array of online databases offered by the Willard J. Houghton Library.

What technology skills are required for online courses?

Students who enroll in an online course must have basic computer skills including a working knowledge of word processing, e-mail, and internet usage. You must have access to a computer, the Internet, a web browser, and other software and hardware configuration as described below.

If you are a new student not previously enrolled at Houghton, you will need to create a Houghton network/email account upon acceptance for summer online study, which will give you access to Houghton’s e-mail system (Googlemail), student portal (Student Self Service) and the course management system  that will facilitate your online experience (Moodle). Current Houghton College students taking online courses will continue to use their established computer account.

Do I need a special login to access library resources and Moodle?

If you are a current Houghton College student, you will already have a network login that will enable you to access library databases and Moodle (course management system). However, if that is not the case — and you have registered for an online course — then you will have to create a student account. You will create your login credentials and be given a Houghton College email address.

What library services are available to online students?

Online students have access to many services available to residential students. You may use the online databases to obtain full text articles and a selection of electronic books. You may request items from the physical collection to be sent to your home address. You may also take advantage of Houghton College’s interlibrary loan service (although a local library’s interlibrary loan service will by default be much quicker for you). You may wish to visit the Library Services web page for more detail and for relevant forms.

What are Houghton’s technology requirements for online courses?

You will need a high speed internet connection (DSL or broadband, for example) and a web browser (Firefox 4, Internet Explorer 10, Safari 5, Google Chrome 11, or Opera 9 recommended), and any Office Suite (such as Microsoft Office 2007 or newer, OpenOffice, or Google Docs).

Some courses may require software and/or hardware as it pertains to the instruction of the course. These additional requirements will be clearly spelled out in the course syllabi.

What technical support do I have available to me while I take my online course?

For questions related to Moodle, you can contact the Houghton College Helpdesk (585-567-9349, 8am – 12 noon and 1:00 – 5:00 pm Monday through Friday; You will also have access to support documents via this web site and helps within the Moodle course management system.